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Factorydesign is an international design agency providing strategic creative design solutions for consumer products and transportation, in moving and static environments. The company designs all aspects of cabin interiors, in all classes, from super-first to short-haul economy. Services include research, idea generation, concept refinement, design development and specification, plus involvement in pre-production to ensure the faithful embodiment of the design ambition.

Above: Factorydesign undertook an extensive customization program on the Thompson Vantage XL seat model to create the Delta One suite. The suite will debut in business class on Delta’s first Airbus A350 in Fall 2017, and will subsequently be retrofitted on Delta’s entire Boeing 777 fleet, starting in 2018. The design has been honored with a prestigious Crystal Cabin Award 2017 in the Cabin Concepts category.

Factorydesign’s expertise covers seat design and engineering; cabin layout (LOPA) design; passenger service and experience; colour, trim, finish and materials; lavatories and washrooms; 3D interpretation of brand characteristics; galley design and layout; monuments, stowages and general spaces; IFE interface and architecture; place settings, amenities and peripherals; cabin and task lighting design; and ergonomics and product configuration.

Above: The latest version of Acro Aircraft Seating’s Series 7 premium economy seat, which was exhibited at Hamburg’s Aircraft Interiors Expo in April 2016

Factorydesign works for airlines, airframers and component manufacturers on specific elements such as seats, galleys and lavatories, as well as complete cabin interiors and service. The company designs novel solutions that engage with passengers, designed to encourage sales, while also improving the passengers’ experience and their belief in the values of the brand. Among others, Factorydesign has worked for Acro Aircraft Seating, British Airways, BAA, Etihad Airways, Ford Motor Company, Jet2.com, Koito, Singapore Airlines, Thompson Aerospace, Virgin Atlantic and Yamaha.

Above: The ‘premium hotel’ cabin interior design for British Airways’ Concorde

Above: Factorydesign’s flatbed leather seats brought the Four Seasons luxury hotel experience to the skies

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