ACM finds required space, but still needs people


ACM Aircraft Cabin Modification, a Germany-based aviation company that specializes in the development, production and renovation of cabin interiors, has announced plans to expand its operations in early 2019. According to the company, its current premises are not large enough to handle the strong growth it is enjoying across all its business areas, so it will rent an additional 3,000 square meters of space, to house a production area, high-bay warehouse and goods delivery area.

The rented premises are a temporary measure, as the company intends to purchase a 15,000 square meter plot of land on the grounds of Memmingen Airport in Germany, with a view to constructing a new building with runway access so that customer aircraft can be driven straight into the hall for conversions.

“The already very positive order situation has continued to improve so much over the last few months that we are unable to wait until completion of the new building before expanding our business”, stated ACM managing director, Roger Hohl. “Luckily, space has become available at our former site, and we are able to rent this space on a short-term basis”.

Specialists required

While the company has found the additional space it requires, it is struggling to find the additional skilled workers it requires. The company currently employees 120 employees at the Memmingen site, but is looking to hire upholsterers, interior designers, tailors, PMO professionals, developers, designers, engineers, trainees and others within the production and office-based business areas.

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