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Port South Textiles
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Port South Textiles LLC officially launched operations on the 6th of November 2020, with the goal of providing the aviation industry with products that are unmatched in performance and undeniable in luxury.

Following in the footsteps of the automotive industry, the aviation market continues to adapt its methods, processes and materials, improving not only their integrity, but dramatically changing the look and feel of the traditional aircraft cabin. From the introduction of laminated upholstery in aviation, which went from a wet spray-on lamination method, to the automotive industry’s state-of-the-art dry web adhesive lamination method, there became a need for new advanced materials that would not only adapt to the new methods, but perform flawlessly with the old ones.

Port South Textiles was launched to cater to this need for advanced materials, and the company has dedicated the last few years working relentlessly with a top-tier manufacturer to develop the most advanced synthetic materials the aviation market has seen to date.

Zeitaku is the first true transportation synthetic to enter the aviation market. It is not a synthetic material that got its start in the residential or office furnishings sector: this material was engineered specifically for the travel market. This legacy material has dominated the mid-level luxury automotive market and brings with it almost six decades of automotive synthetic manufacturing experience and reliability. With its robust and luxurious automotive DNA and its newly formulated inherent FR properties, Zeitaku is the best choice for high-traffic commercial and general aviation applications.

Zeitaku was engineered specifically for the transportation market


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