Airbus reveals its future cabin design strategy


March 30, 2016 – Ahead of the 2017 launch of the Airbus A330neo, Airbus has unveiled a brand new consumer-centric cabin interior for the aircraft, which also forms the basis of a new brand: Airspace by Airbus.

The cabin concept – described by Airbus as having been “developed with passengers at heart and airlines in mind” – is built around what it says are the four pillars of the Airspace by Airbus brand: comfort, ambience, services and design.

The concept continues the design language introduced in the A350 XWB cabin and will form the basis of future Airbus cabin designs, across all aircraft families. The June issue of Aircraft Interiors International will feature an in-depth feature on the cabin concept, but these are the initial details:

First impressions

The welcome area at Door 2 of the A330neo features a new LED illuminated panel with customizable patterns (enabled by 3D printing) and up to 16.7 million possible color variations to create a range of predetermined scenarios and reflect the airline branding. These effects can be combined with a ‘Gobo’ projection lighting option, which illuminates the adjacent monuments such as the galleys and lavatories, and enables airlines to customize the aircraft entrance. Furthermore, throughout the aircraft’s cabin, items such as magazine racks, ventilation grilles and window bezels have been upgraded and re-styled.

Stowage hunters

Another visual change from the classic A330 is a new outer/lateral overhead bin design, which can accommodate more carry-on baggage. For the A330neo, Airbus’ cabin designers claim to have increased the capacity by about 66%, allowing five cases to be placed in each four-frame bin. The enlarged volume of the storage space also brings benefits in terms of boarding time, crew workload and passengers satisfaction. Furthermore, the bin doors themselves have also undergone a makeover, with new latches and integrated LED hand/grip rail lighting to match the A350 XWB.

That’s entertainment

As on the A350 XWB, A330neo passengers will have access to fourth-generation IFE systems, with HD viewing resolution and electronic boxes that do not impede under-seat legroom. On- board wireless services (access to an intranet portal including streaming capability), and high-bandwidth connectivity services will also benefit passengers, with an unprecedented freedom of choice for airlines among the latest technologies available.

At your convenience

Other notable service features include a range of new modular Space-Flex galley/lavatory options, which maximize trolley capacity while offering various wheelchair accessible lavatory configurations to suit individual airline requirements. Moreover, the new spacious and contemporary lavatories will feature LED lighting, a softer, more rounded trim and finish, and antibacterial surfaces. Other options include touchless flushing and taps, discreet aroma dispensers and soothing, ambient sounds.

These efficiency-boosting innovations release extra space for greater passenger seat pitch as well as greater recline for the seats in front of the lavatory monument, or allow up to 10 additional seats to be installed at the same comfort standard as before. In the A330neo Airbus has also relocated the flight crew rest to the lower deck mobile crew rest to free-up space on the main deck for additional passengers. New padding and mattress materials, enhanced lighting and an improved heating system also make for a more comfortable crew rest area, which can accommodate up to two separate bunks for pilots and six bunks for cabin crew.

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