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Air travel could soon get better for disabled passengers

Air travel could become a lot more appealing and inclusive for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs) in the near future, following the reveal of the ‘Air 4 All’ system, designed to enable users of powered wheelchairs to remain in their own wheelchair for the entire journey

Cabin Design

AerQ aims to kickstart a “global economy in the sky”

AerQ has launched Aerena, an open IT platform designed to facilitate greater passenger engagement onboard aircraft. The system can also be used by airlines to achieve a deeper understanding of passengers’ inflight behaviours and needs, which can be used to open new revenue opportunities for airlines and partners

Cabin Design

Air France A320 flies with first Safran ECOS bins

Air France is the first airline to order Safran Cabin’s ECOS (Efficient Cabin Open Space) shelf bins, with a contract signed to equip 24 of its Airbus A320s with the units. Air France Industries retrofitted the first of the aircraft with the bins in July 2021, which has now returned to service

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