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The S2 seat, adapted for clean air

Molon Labe Seating has created a new version of its S2 staggered economy class, featuring a headrest that serves as a physical barrier between passengers and can be rotated to individual preferences. Cabin air is fed into the headrest and vented out to the occupant’s face for a clean, fresh feeling

Aircraft Seating

Aviation Glass develops inter-seat shields

The latest idea for boosting passenger confidence during the Covid-19 situation comes from Dutch company, Aviation Glass, which has developed glass screens that can be fitted onto existing commercial aircraft seats to give a greater feeling of social distancing

Aircraft Seating

A barrier solution against Covid-19

Vision Systems, a company which usually specialises in cockpit shading systems, has adapted its designs to create a light, compact and transparent barrier that separates passengers and also features an anti-germ treatment – without requiring an empty seat between passengers

Aircraft Seating

Explore MGRSafeWall

MGRSafeWall is a development of MGRSoftWall NextGen, with added Biomaster anti-microbial science for the post-Covid inflight experience. The lightweight seat surround has been designed by MGR Foamtex to deliver permanent, inherent hygiene, while enabling the creation of 3D decorative surfaces without gaps that can hold dirt and germs

Aircraft Seating

Airlines to fit Autostop passenger protection screens

Seat cover manufacturer, Autostop Aviation, having been tasked by airline customers to design protective screens for passenger seats, has developed a solution. The company’s cabin solutions team and certification partners report that they have now successfully completed trials on several aircraft, and secured airline approvals

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