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Aircraft Seating

2020’s major seating launches

There’s no substitute for trying out a seat in person, but with the postponement of Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, this is a little more difficult. However, this guide to the latest seats that would have launched at Hamburg can help inspire your plans for the resurgence of flying

Aircraft Seating

Discussing the Freedom Seat for accessibility

Hank Scott, founder and CEO of Molon Labe Seating, explains the design of the Freedom Seat for onboard wheelchair accessibility and gets the viewpoint of Curt from the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition after he self-loaded into the docking system

Aircraft Seating

‘World’s thinnest aircraft seat’ developed

An economy class seating concept has been developed by Pitch, claimed to be the world’s thinnest aircraft seat. The concept, named ‘Q Ultra-Slim’, makes use of sustainable bio-resins in a compression-moulding process to create a seat weighing just over 7kg per pax place

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