Author: Marisa Garcia

Marisa Garcia has been involved in aviation since 1994. She worked as director of marketing and corporate relations at a cabin interiors and life-saving equipment manufacturer for 16 years before applying her experience to writing about cabin design, technology and the passenger experience.

Forget beds: one of the prime passenger expectations is a healthy cabin environment. Experts explain how future technologies can further promote clean air and suitable pressurisation to make flying even healthier

29 May 2019 marks Airbus’s 50th anniversary. As we begin celebrations, let’s hear some thoughts on aircraft interior design from Airbus’s VP of cabin marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer, who is himself coming up for his 15th anniversary at the company

The design and manufacturing possibilities offered by additive layer manufacturing (3D printing) are becoming well known, but the technology faces great challenges in the strict aviation industry. Is 3D printing the future of cabin design and production?

While flight 1549 has been dubbed ‘the Miracle on the Hudson’, that no one died was down to the skill and judgment of the crew – crew like Doreen Welsh, who gives her professional, first-hand perspective of an airplane crash