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Zero-emission midsize aircraft revealed

A concept mid-size aircraft revealed by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) could enable passengers to fly anywhere in the world with no carbon emissions, with just one fuel stop. The enabler is liquid hydrogen; the catch is that the aircraft is not forecast to be market-ready until the mid-2030s

Airframer News

The world’s first zero-emissions regional airliner

Wright Electric has added a new model in its range of zero-emissions aircraft for the commercial aviation market. Named the Wright Spirit, the aircraft will incorporate Wright’s megawatt-class electric propulsion system and serve the 100-passenger market for one-hour flights.

Airframer News

Design study opens up unlimited cabin themes

At the upcoming Dubai Airshow, Lufthansa Technik AG plans to present further details of its Explorer widebody VIP aircraft cabin concept. From discos to verandas, luxury car garaging to medical wards, the design team has not held back

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