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A tour of the HondaJet Elite cabin interior

Learn a little more about the innovations and technologies in the HondaJet Elite cabin. From club seating and fold-out tables, to the cabin management system and a speakerless audio system that uses transducers in the cabin walls, a lot has been crammed into a compact environment

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KLM’s Flying-V in flight

The Flying-V has been conceived by TU Delft and KLM as a highly energy-efficient long-distance airplane. Here’s the first scales model undergoing flight testing

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EAG reveals first hybrid-electric 70+ seat aircraft

EAG has revealed HERA, a design for a hybrid-electric regional aircraft, with a 70 seat-plus cabin that includes a flex option for cargo flights. HERA is a first mover in what EAG views as a US$4.4 trillion market, which could initially create more than 25,000 jobs and unlock US$5 billion of investments in the UK aerospace industry

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UK’s ‘Jet Zero’ green passenger jet gets the go-ahead

Today saw UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, set out the Government’s plan for the post-Covid economy, with a focus on construction and innovation to create jobs and grow prosperity. He stated that the UK can be a “science superpower”, with one initiative being of particular interest for the aviation sector: a ‘green’ passenger jet

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