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Watch the rollout of the supersonic XB-1

Set aside 45 minutes to watch Boom’s XB-1 being unveiled for the first time in its fully assembled form. The Boom team, including leaders, engineers and test pilots, share their expertise of the innovative technology behind the return of supersonic travel

Airframer News

A tour of the HondaJet Elite cabin interior

Learn a little more about the innovations and technologies in the HondaJet Elite cabin. From club seating and fold-out tables, to the cabin management system and a speakerless audio system that uses transducers in the cabin walls, a lot has been crammed into a compact environment

Airframer News

KLM’s Flying-V in flight

The Flying-V has been conceived by TU Delft and KLM as a highly energy-efficient long-distance airplane. Here’s the first scales model undergoing flight testing

Airframer News

EAG reveals first hybrid-electric 70+ seat aircraft

EAG has revealed HERA, a design for a hybrid-electric regional aircraft, with a 70 seat-plus cabin that includes a flex option for cargo flights. HERA is a first mover in what EAG views as a US$4.4 trillion market, which could initially create more than 25,000 jobs and unlock US$5 billion of investments in the UK aerospace industry

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