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Anuvu shares its expansion plans for 2022

Following six months of operations since its launch in 2021, Anuvu (formerly Global Eagle), has shared its aims for the future and reflected on its launch year. The company’s main ambitions are in the inflight connectivity arena, with its hybrid network

Inflight Connectivity

LEO launch boosts Imarsat’s Orchestra rollout

A milestone has been reached in the launch of Inmarsat’s Orchestra network, with the successful activation of a LEO satellite payload. The satellite will be used to test new concepts and system configurations for Orchestra’s proposed LEO constellation, which will integrate with GEO and HEO satellites, and a terrestrial 5G network

Inflight Connectivity

OneWeb and GDC to co-develop compact terminal

OneWeb has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) with GDC Advanced Technology to co-develop an inflight connectivity terminal that will enable airlines to connect with OneWeb’s LEO satellite network. Initial flight testing is scheduled for Q1 2022

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Who won the 2021 APEX/IFSA Awards?

The work of airlines and aviation suppliers over the past 12 months was recognised at an awards ceremony at APEX/ISA Expo, where the winners of the Official Airline Ratings, Passenger Choice Awards and APEX/IFSA Awards were announced, as well as the recipients of the APEX Health Safety certification

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