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LSG’s chefs talk trends at WTCE 2019

While identifying trends is important in keeping one’s finger on the pulse, it’s just as crucial to implement solutions. Find out more how LSG Sky Chefs will be tackling airline food trends

Catering & Onboard Retail

LSG’s plans for WTCE 2019

What can visitors expect to see at the LSG Group booth at #WTCE2019? From digital solutions to plastics-free ideas, Frank Theis, head of global sales and marketing, and host of the LSG Group’s WTCE booth, shares the details

Videos 747 Aircraft Carrier Concept

The crazy Boeing 747 aircraft carrier concept

This previously classified feasibility study for the US Air Force shows how a Boeing 747 could be adapted to become an airborne aircraft carrier. It’s a creative proposal and well worth a look!

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