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Can Air Transat cure homesickness?

Canadian airline Air Transat has been trying to find a cure for homesickness, working with a specialist researcher to discover new ways to alleviate the pain of missing home


WestJet’s Christmas miracle

Christmas is beginning! Let’s start with WestJet’s Uniting Through Traditions video, which looks at global traditions and the importance of spending time with the ones you love this holiday season

Videos cosy joon

Explore Cosy Joon

Traveling with two young children? French carrier Joon is now offering ‘Cosy Joon’, modular seats on selected A340s, which transform into a bed or play area for children

Videos air nz hip hop safety

Hip hop kiwis

Air New Zealand’s #ItsKiwiSafety safety video has had some strong reactions around the world


Etihad’s ‘Choose Well’ initiative

Timed to coincide with its celebrations of 15 years since its first flight, Etihad has introduced ‘Choose Well’,a range of products that allow customers in every class to personalize every aspect of their experience


“Fly better” with Emirates IFE

Indulge yourself for a few minutes by watching Emirates’ new ad campaign, a musical showcase of the its IFE system, directed by ‘The Greatest Showman’ director, Michael Gracey


WestJet’s dreams come true

With the arrival of its new Dreamliner fleet, WestJet has been given the opportunity to review its market position, branding and cabin interiors


The Air Lair concept

Following on from last week’s quiz, in this video from 2012, Adam White from Factorydesign discusses the features of the two-tier Air Lair seating concept

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