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Dogs don’t especially enjoy flying in a crate in the hold. Matt Meeker, founder of Bark Air, found out for himself by being crated up in the cargo hold for a 3 hour, 27 minute flight from South Florida to NYC

SELL: The U.S. Department of Transportation has issued two final rules to boost airline passenger rights, designed to eliminate hidden fees and make it easy to get a refund when things go wrong. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg explains the policies

Hawaiian Airlines’ Boeing 787 has taken flight, with new cabins and another new feature: an inflight safety video in which 57 cast members – all Hawaiian Airlines employees and family members – share important safety information from breathtaking locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands

Key figures at Cathay Pacific and JPA Design explain how they have applied a human-centric design philosophy for the airline’s new Boeing 777-300ER cabins. Find out more about the much anticipated Aria Suite, the premium economy cabin with enhanced privacy, the Gallery in the Skies, and more, ahead of their launch in the latter half of 2024

Boom’s supersonic demonstrator aircraft, the XB-1, has successfully executed its first flight. Boom says the flight marks the return of a civil supersonic aircraft to the skies and paves the way for the revival of mainstream supersonic travel onboard the Overture airliner