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Life happens in person

Sick of Zoom calls? Boom Supersonic’s founder & CEO, Blake Scholl, discusses why life happens in person, and why aviation is key to bringing the world together

Airline News

Virgin’s extended ‘super chill’ ASMR video

Sound triggers memory. Put your headphones on, sit back, relax and dream of where you will be flying to soon. Virgin Atlantic has created an hour-long ‘super chill’ version of its ASMR video, which captures the sights and sounds of travelling and triggers a ‘tingle’

Airline News

Miss flying? Try Virgin Atlantic’s ASMR

Virgin Atlantic has applied ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques to create videos that can remind flyers of exactly what they’ve been missing in the travel experience. Immerse yourself in this ASMR and enjoy the little things you have missed out on over the past year


Emirates SkyCargo delivers 50m doses of Covid-19 vaccines

As we approach World Health Day, Emirates SkyCargo has become the first air cargo carrier to have delivered 50 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to over 50 cities across its destination network. The airline has also transported more than 100 tonnes of syringes. Here’s the story…

Catering & Onboard Retail

Creating Emirates’ Ramadan meal boxes

Emirates is preparing to adapt its inflight service for Ramadan, with meals served to fasting passengers in special containers, designed and produced in collaboration with local artists. The designs were created during a workshop, with a full day spent discussing ideas on the meanings of the holy month before deciding the optimal design. Here’s how the process worked…


Get down with the Alaska Airlines and Oneworld safety dance

We can dance… and so can the Oneworld airline family members around the world! From Australia to Fiji, Japan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Iberia, Finland and beyond, the Oneworld Alliance crew take the safety dance to the next level with the Global Safety Dance


Etihad Airways’ 2021 safety video

Etihad Airways is introducing a new inflight safety video, filmed at the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi. Passengers are given important safety messages while also enjoying a little of the airline’s culture, and that of the emirate

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