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Istanbul Airport documentary: The Great Move

Hundreds of vehicles and aircraft, tons of materials and a race against time… The Great Move documentary shows the process of moving Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport – one of the world’s biggest and most successful logistics operations ever, which made history by being completed within 33 hours


Qatar Airways: Getting people home as quickly as possible

Qatar Airways is working to get people back home as quickly as possible, and to do this the airline is upgrading aircraft to 12 global destinations. Even better, as many airlines ground their A380s, Qatar Airways is reinstating its superjumbo fleet where possible – what a way to return home!


Emirates’ ‘Do you remember’ campaign

In the midst of a difficult time, Emirates reminds us what we’re missing as flights are grounded, but also what we should value in this period. As the airline says in this video, ‘Emirates will fly back to the skies and fly you better than ever before’


The drivers of premium economy

In episode one of Inside the Market, James Mellon and Andrew Doyle from travel industry data and analytics company, Cirium, discuss the trends driving premium economy cabins and compare varying configurations for the A350 and A380


Rediscover Thailand’s smiles

If you’re feeling down, try this video from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) which shows the power of people to withstand and overcome a pandemic. As the video says, ‘It is the rain that makes life blossom’


From the rail sector: Seymourpowell’s new seating layout

Seymourpowell has developed a new seat layout system for train carriages, designed to offer advantages and improvements to current or pre-existing layouts. The principles of the layout may look more familiar to designers in the aviation sector, but this concept is worth reviewing


A moment with Dick Powell

Dick Powell, co-founder of industrial design firm, Seymourpowell, gives a brief outline of his views on innovation and answers the question ‘what is design?’

Aircraft Seating

Discussing the Freedom Seat for accessibility

Hank Scott, founder and CEO of Molon Labe Seating, explains the design of the Freedom Seat for onboard wheelchair accessibility and gets the viewpoint of Curt from the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition after he self-loaded into the docking system

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