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Materials, Trim & Finish

Sustainable luxury transport materials for 2030

Every year, PriestmanGoode works with London’s Royal College of Art, setting students on the Textiles course a brief to develop materials for future transport environments. This year, the students were challenged to develop sustainable materials for application in luxury travel in 2030. Get inspired…

Aircraft Seating

The S2 seat, adapted for clean air

Molon Labe Seating has created a new version of its S2 staggered economy class, featuring a headrest that serves as a physical barrier between passengers and can be rotated to individual preferences. Cabin air is fed into the headrest and vented out to the occupant’s face for a clean, fresh feeling


The art of fluorescent lighting

70-year-old Man Van Tran is one of the last fluorescent light blowing artisans left in the USA, and over the past 37 years at PWI he has blown thousands of fluorescent (neon) lights for aircraft cabins. See the master in action…


How an Emirates B777-300ER becomes a mini-freighter

Emirates has modified its 10 Boeing 777-300ER passenger aircraft to create additional cargo capacity, achieved by removing seats from the economy cabin. The modification allows for up to 17 tonnes or 132 cubic metres of additional cargo capacity per flight, on top of the 40-50 tonne cargo capacity in the belly hold. Here’s how it’s done…

Cabin Design

LHT’s SkyShine cabin repair system

Airlines looking to reduce costs while under pressure to have their aircraft cabins looking pristine might like Lufthansa Technik’s new SkyShine system, which enables damaged components to be repaired on the spot rather than replaced


Brussels Airlines unpacks its planes

Following 12 weeks of hibernation, the birds at Brussels Airlines are ready to spread their wings again. Each aircraft took 400 man-hours to put into stowage, but it takes half that time to get them flight-ready again. The tasks in this video that seemed mundane yesterday have such significance today: who would have thought the sight of removing an engine cover could bring a lump to one’s throat?


So simple: clear masks can help deaf and anxious passengers

Airlines around the world require cabin crew to wear face coverings to help protect them against Covid-19. However, those coverings can make the inflight experience a little less relaxing, and make lipreading impossible. EPFL has developed a simple but effective solution: a fully transparent mask


WestJet’s new cabin safety protocols

Billy Nolen, WestJet’s vice president of safety, security and quality, explains the new measures the Canadian airline has taken to make its inflight experience Covid-safe


What’s new at Southwest? Ask Gary…

Southwest Airlines’ chairman and CEO, Gary Kelly, shares his thoughts about developments in air travel regarding Covid-19. In this video he talks with VP of business, Dave Harvey, about how the airline is helping business travellers, the Southwest Promise, and more

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