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Cabin Design

BMW’s ‘shy tech’ interiors

Apart from the steering wheel and displays in the driver’s area, there are no other screens or controls to be seen in the BMW Vision iNEXT cabin. They are in there though, but the intelligent technology is integrated out of sight. Could this be an interesting new direction for premium aircraft seating?

Videos Bombardier Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff talks Bombardier

Billionaire, racing driver, F1 team owner, philanthropist: you can see why Bombardier chose Toto Wolff as its global brand ambassador. In this video he shares his thoughts on the company’s products, and also his experience of the London Biggin Hill service centre


Jamco’s vision for 2030

From innovation to expansion, and a plan for more sustainable operations, Jamco has big plans for the decade. Find out more…

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