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Aircraft Seating

Aviation Glass develops inter-seat shields

The latest idea for boosting passenger confidence during the Covid-19 situation comes from Dutch company, Aviation Glass, which has developed glass screens that can be fitted onto existing commercial aircraft seats to give a greater feeling of social distancing

Aircraft Seating

A barrier solution against Covid-19

Vision Systems, a company which usually specialises in cockpit shading systems, has adapted its designs to create a light, compact and transparent barrier that separates passengers and also features an anti-germ treatment – without requiring an empty seat between passengers


The June 2020 Aviation Resilience Report

The second edition of the monthly Aviation Resilience Report from MA Business is a cross-sector compilation of some of the most important stories from the past month. The report helps provide inspiration and ideas that will enable all parts of the aviation industry to bounce back stronger than ever in the weeks and months to come

Inflight Amenities

Restore traveller confidence with trusted brands

While airline travel may look different, the needs of travellers remain unchanged with the inflight experience, comfort and safety still being of key importance. Trusted solutions and brands are paramount for restoring confidence, and travellers will want to be proactively responsible for ensuring all touchpoints along their journey are clean

Passenger Health & Safety

NASA specifies out of this world seat comfort

The design of the reusable spacecraft that will take passengers into space is a significant engineering achievement. The cabins are being designed to offer a level of comfort more akin to that of a luxury airliner than the cramped cockpits of previous space travel, with special foams selected

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