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Industry News

AJW Group expands into Eurasia

Aircraft component parts, repair and supply-chain solutions provider, AJW Group, has announced the opening of AJW Turkey, a new regional support hub and office located in Istanbul

Airline News

Delta upgrades its Premium Select cabin experience

Delta has updated its Premium Select cabin experience, with new features including locally-inspired dining, hand-crafted amenities and more dedicated service touchpoints – while also driving social impact through its expanded Someone Somewhere partnership

In-flight Entertainment

Aalyria launches, promising 100-1,000 times faster connectivity

Aalyria, a newly formed communications network company, is launching plans to orchestrate and manage ‘hyper-fast, ultra-secure, and highly complex’ communications networks. Aalyria could be a new player in the inflight connectivity marketplace, and claims its technology can offer connectivity 100-1,000 times faster than any network available today

Airframer News

Air Canada signs up for 30 ES-30 electric regional aircraft

Air Canada has entered into a purchase agreement for 30 ES-30s, the electric-hybrid regional aircraft being developed by Heart Aerospace in Sweden. The 30-seat aircraft, which Heart is working to enter into service in 2028, will generate zero emissions flying on battery power, with a range of 400km

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