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Cabin Design

Flexible Access lavatory design could be a boon for PRMs

ST Engineering has revealed a narrow-body aircraft lavatory designed to improve the air travel experience for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs). Named Access, the lavatory unit features a moving wall, which when deployed, can offer PRMs a claimed 40% more usable space, together with several comfort and convenience features that can be enjoyed by all passengers


Aircraft cabin hygiene: keeping viruses at bay

Having hundreds of people crammed into a confined space for long periods can be a recipe for dirt and disease. As concerns about Coronavirus grip the world, how can bugs and bacteria be banished from the cabin to help ensure safe and healthy air travel?

Industry News

Boeing HorizonX invests in digital services and IFE company

HorizonX, the venture capital division of Boeing, has made a strategic investment in Immfly, a global inflight digital services and IFE company that has developed a digital solution for remote management of onboard digital products and services on all aircraft types, including IFE content, flight information, advertising and onboard sales


The future of flight: The 2020 Crystal Cabin Awards

The Crystal Cabin Awards are the aircraft interiors industry’s most prestigious award. For the 2020 event, a record number of submissions have been made in each of the eight categories. These designs may comprise the finest aircraft interiors flying today, and inspire the next generation of interiors…

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