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Airlander 10: a dream becoming a reality?

The design brief for the Airlander 10 luxury airship was ‘To create a whole new experience for seasoned and discerning travelers that is at once exhilarating, wondrous, and like nothing else on Earth’. Has the design team achieved this goal? Let’s take a look at the plans…

Features airbus patent stacked seating

The potential for mezzanine seating

Remember when Airbus got the world talking about the notion of adding a second level of seating to the aircraft cabin? Let’s consider the true viability of tiered seating


3D printing aircraft interiors

The design and manufacturing possibilities offered by additive layer manufacturing (3D printing) are becoming well known, but the technology faces great challenges in the strict aviation industry. Is 3D printing the future of cabin design and production?

Cabin Design lufthansa business class man and woman in bed

Unisex aircraft cabin design

Males and females often like or need different things. But are these differences adequately catered for in unisex aircraft interior design? Aubrey Cohen investigates…

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