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100 years of Finnair: 100 facts from this charming airline

With the 100-day countdown to Finnair’s 100th anniversary now underway, it seems fitting to list 100 facts about the airline. Highlights include being the world’s sixth oldest carrier still operating, a few world firsts, blueberry juice, cool design tie-ups – and the frequent appearance of Moomins


How sensory design can benefit airline lounges

A commercial interior design studio explains how scientific sensory research can be applied to emotionally drive people in hospitality environments, nudging how they feel and behave as they enter, transition through and leave a space – and change lives and spend money in the process

Features The departure hall of the International Terminal (Terminal 3) at Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport in Japan

The best airports in the world ranked for 2023

Which airports have the best passenger experience and facilities, and how does your most frequently visited airport rank in terms of services? A new study conducted by an aviation industry expert has analysed factors such as passenger count, average on-time flights, parking fees, drop-off costs, and the number of restaurants and shops, to create a world ranking


Is flying becoming even safer than ever?

Amid increased travel demand, are air travellers today safer than they have been in the past? Will the aviation industry be able to keep up with the increasing demand without compromising on passenger safety? Is the avionics industry developing even more dependable planes and better regulations for safer travel in the future?

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10 tips to get you through airport security quickly over the holidays

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been preparing for record summertime passenger volumes in the USA over the Independence Day holiday. Travellers can help make the process quick and smooth by preparing for the airport security checkpoints. These 10 tips will make for a more enjoyable start to a vacation

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