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What will the supersonic passenger experience look like?

Following United’s commitment to the Boom Overture, supersonic passenger flight appears to be a fast-approaching reality once more. However, air travel has evolved massively since Concorde’s day, with heightened passenger expectations, so what will the world’s fastest and most expensive passenger experiences look like?

Cabin Design

RATIOS: a new approach to cabin design

Three Italian companies have joined forces to reimagine commercial aircraft interior design and the passenger experience. The project, named RATIOS, is intended to completely rethink cabins to meet the needs of various travellers and benefit the environment


A milestone 123rd interior ship set for Emirates’ A380s

AIM Altitude is celebrating the delivery of its 123rd ship set for the Emirates A380 interior, including the iconic horseshoe bar. As the final ship set in the series, this delivery marks a 15-year milestone in the company’s relationship with Emirates

Features crystal cabin awards trophies lined up in a row

2020/2021 Crystal Cabin Awards: the winners!

As aviation begins to emerge from a challenging 12 months, now is the right time to announce the winners of the 2020 Crystal Cabin Awards. For the 2020 programme some 105 entries were considered by the judging panel to create a shortlist of 24 finalists. We can now reveal the eight winners!


Delta’s IFE experts discuss the future inflight connectivity experience

Delta is working to enhance its customer experience, with fast Ka-Band inflight connectivity from Viasat, a new in-house developed wi-fi access portal interface, and more personalised IFE content. Delta’s IFE & wi-fi directors explain what this technology means for customers, and how it unlocks the future onboard experience

Aircraft Seating

A new type of headrest

Could neck cushion sales fall when flying resumes in earnest? Italy-based ABC International believes so, with the launch of a headrest that is a rethink of how to achieve seated comfort on-board aircraft. Two key figures from the project share the details


Improving cabin air quality

Forget beds: one of the prime passenger expectations is a healthy cabin environment. Experts explain how future technologies can further promote clean air and suitable pressurisation to make flying even healthier


How certified art can innovate aircraft design

Contemporary cabin design for private aircraft is increasingly moving towards creating ‘liveable’ spaces. Art is a key consideration for adding a sense of comfort, and offers the opportunity to incorporate a client’s personal taste

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