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Aircraft Seating

A new type of headrest

Could neck cushion sales fall when flying resumes in earnest? Italy-based ABC International believes so, with the launch of a headrest that is a rethink of how to achieve seated comfort on-board aircraft. Two key figures from the project share the details


Improving cabin air quality

Forget beds: one of the prime passenger expectations is a healthy cabin environment. Experts explain how future technologies can further promote clean air and suitable pressurisation to make flying even healthier


How certified art can innovate aircraft design

Contemporary cabin design for private aircraft is increasingly moving towards creating ‘liveable’ spaces. Art is a key consideration for adding a sense of comfort, and offers the opportunity to incorporate a client’s personal taste


The August 2020 Aviation Resilience Report

Welcome to the August edition of our monthly Aviation Resilience Report, compiled by editors across our aerospace titles. Among the encouraging news of innovation, investment and signs of recovery, this issue also includes a discussion between editors of how new fabrics and materials are helping to make aircraft interiors safer


The July 2020 Aviation Resilience Report

Welcome to the third edition of the monthly Aviation Resilience Report. At this challenging time for the aviation industry we have seen a great deal of innovation and resilience right across the sector, as operators navigate a path through the coronavirus crisis. These advances and initiatives might inspire aviation’s strong recovery in the weeks and months to come…

Cabin Design

18 cabin ideas to boost airline passenger confidence during Covid

Passenger confidence is key to the recovery of air travel. Designers and suppliers around the world have come up with ideas that can help flyers feel safer in the cabin and more physically separated from their fellow travellers. From low-cost cardboard isolators, to 3D-printed air blades, a wide range of ideas has been developed very swiftly to help reassure nervous passengers and accelerate the recovery of aviation


The June 2020 Aviation Resilience Report

The second edition of the monthly Aviation Resilience Report from MA Business is a cross-sector compilation of some of the most important stories from the past month. The report helps provide inspiration and ideas that will enable all parts of the aviation industry to bounce back stronger than ever in the weeks and months to come

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