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Aircraft cabin materials flammability: expert insights

Following on from the fire safety testing feature in our November 2019 issue, Marisa Garcia investigates how regulations and challenges in the world of flammability tests are making imaginative textile and leather designs difficult to achieve – but also making them safer to fly


Recycling aircraft interiors

Lifetime planning of aircraft interiors to include recycling and reuse can yield benefits for the environment – and for the bottom line


The ‘middle of market’ airplane

While the demise of the B757 left a clear gap in the aircraft market, its bellwether ‘middle of market’ replacement is proving tricky to pin down. John Walton sees what the future could hold for the MOM jet…


The Boeing 777X cabin: what we know so far

Aircraft Interiors International has accessed initial, exclusive details on the cabin design for the Boeing 777X. from a widened cabin, to an exciting new interior linings program, to an unprecedented level of customisation offers, there’s a lot to look forward to…

Features man streaking through plane cabin

How airlines should tackle bad passenger behaviour

As reports of bad passenger behaviour such as alcohol abuse, violence and bigotry become more frequent thanks to social media and celebrity mishaps, let’s take a look at the law on board and how cabin crew should handle bad situations


The top 10 free things to do at Singapore Changi Airport

It’s no secret that Singapore’s Changi Airport is the world’s best airport. However, there are a few little-known attractions to be found at this amazing facility – and better still, many can be enjoyed for free. These are our top free attractions for passengers at Changi Airport…


Janet: the secret American airline you have never heard of

Every day in the USA, intriguing white and red planes allegedly fly between the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and Area 51. The aircraft belong to an airline that operates as ‘Janet’. This is what we know about the mysterious Janet…

Features airline food trends

The changing food tastes of passengers

Monitoring and reacting to passengers’ changing tastes and preferences is essential for airlines seeking to offer a desirable inflight catering offer. Today’s food trends should influence tomorrow’s tray table offerings to ensure that catering services don’t disappoint. From moringa to quinoa, jackfruit to purple food, here are the food trends that airline caterers need to take notice of

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