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Why commercial aviation is soaring into a better 2023

There are many reasons for the commercial aviation industry to be positive, including a boost in passenger levels, and increasing orders for large aircraft which means MRO systems are now in hot demand. And there’s more to be optimistic about, says Rob Mather from IFS. The opportunities are there for the taking


Data and the 21st Century. We can’t move without it

Data allows us to make decisions based on a series of information points, and the faster that data can be accessed and analysed, the quicker intelligent actions can be taken. This is key to success across the whole industry, says Ryan Stone, president of SmartSky Networks


Interview: Amanda Simpson, Airbus

From augmented reality in engineering, to automated production, to autonomous aircraft, Amanda Simpson, Airbus Americas’ VP of research & technology, sees technology playing an ever-larger role in aerospace. She also predicts women playing a much larger role at every level of the industry


The 2022 movie trends influencing IFE content buyers

What are the effects of Covid-19 restrictions on the movie industry? Inflight Dublin looks at the changes, shifts and trends that are affecting viewing habits and tastes, and which are worth considering when selecting IFE content


Sustainability in the aircraft interiors sector

If the cabin interiors sector is aiming to create truthful initiatives that meet the Net Zero promises made by the aviation industry, we need to begin by understanding what it all means, then develop a suitable infrastructure, and source new recycled materials and solutions for the market. Sekisui Kydex is partnering with industry to create a greener path to Net Zero

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