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What will 2020 bring for connectivity?

IoT will be the most prevailing trend in the satcom industry in 2020, while significant advancements within satellite-enabled data relay, environmental monitoring and flight safety will also influence satcom in the year to come, predicts Svend Holme Sørensen from GateHouse Telecom

Opinion a flybe Embraer e175 aircraft in flight

How do you solve a problem like Flybe?

One of the biggest airline news stories this week concerns UK-based regional airline, Flybe. A rescue deal is being thrashed out, with ideas including Flybe’s owners injecting funds and a potential deferment of air passenger duty payments. Here’s what two industry experts have to say about the Flybe crisis…

Opinion emirates a380 10 years

The outlook for closed-end A380 funds

Emirates Airline is retiring its fleet of A380 passenger jets, for which the Dubai-based carrier was Airbus’ biggest customer. Gloomy as the news is for investors in closed-end A380 funds, they can still expect to make a return on their investment…


Record aircraft order surge brings renewed confidence

Aircraft orders achieved a new record for October, taking the overall order backlog above 14,000 aircraft for the first time since May 2019. The overall order book backlog is worth a potential £215bn to the UK in future years as aircraft are manufactured and delivered

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