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easyJet: Vaxed Brits are vexed at tests

The roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines has been a true success story for the UK, and being able to travel was a big driver for many to decide to get vaccinated. The overwhelming majority of people see no justification for the fully vaccinated having to do tests when they travel to approved countries


Doha overtakes Dubai

In the first half of 2021, Doha overtook Dubai to become the busiest hub airport in the Middle East – and for reasons beyond the pandemic


How Covid-safe is the aircraft cabin?

Many travellers are concerned about the risks of becoming infected with SARS-CoV-2 during flight. Kimmo Ketola, Finnair’s medical director, shares his views on inflight safety


Prepare for rapid, transformative growth and prosperity post-Covid

The First & Second World Wars, and the 1970s recession indicate that the Covid-19 crisis will lead to a new period of rapid, transformative growth and prosperity. The Studio 44 business consultancy shares 10 key insights to help business leaders take advantage of the opportunities


An investment bank’s view on the UK travel ‘green list’

The ‘stop, go, stop’ decision making by the UK Government makes scheduling future capacity almost impossible for airlines, with all the cost implications this has in terms of readying aircraft and staff for deployment and then having to stand them down again

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