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Will runways become ruins?

Millennials are often labelled as ‘entitled snowflakes’, glued to their screens and expecting the good life on a silver platter. However, this generation’s habits may be the key disruptor to improve air travel experiences. Extreme change is on the horizon that will make airports as we know them virtually unrecognizable – if not extinct, say Stephen Symons and Alex Heather from Aurecon


So how successful was Farnborough International Airshow 2018?

Firm orders from Farnborough Airshow may be low but the year has a long way to go. Dr Stuart Hatcher, COO at global consulting firm IBA, and Mike Yeomans, head of valuations, examine the outcomes in the narrow and widebody sectors and observe a surge in orders for regional jets as the market reacts to pent-up demand


Finding profitability in IFC

IFC solutions take-up on the rise but the right balance
is yet to be found for a profitable business model, says Florent Rizzo, senior consultant at Euroconsult

Opinion FDM 3D printing can produce anything from aircraft interior ducting to espresso machines

Adding value to aircraft interiors with 3D-printed cosmetic parts

The main problems with additive layer manufacturing in the aircraft interiors sector today are that many people do not understand the technology, and that not many people have the know-how or technical capability to do it. However, recent projects – including a new espresso machine for Aerolux – show the potential for this method of manufacturing

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