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Navigating the Covid-19 crisis safely

As countries are gradually reopening their economies, the question about hygiene and virus transmission risk for air travellers and their crew becomes increasingly important. “The nature of air travel, linking two different countries, brings a challenge of mutual cooperation,” says ECA secretary general, Philip von Schöppenthau

Aircraft Seating

Cabin designs for the next phase of flying

Aircraft interiors designer, Jacques Pierrejean, believes today’s crisis could be an opportunity to re-think the way we fly both commercially and privately. His vision of the future includes hygiene-focused cabin designs, wide-body regional aircraft, a new private sector, and taxi helicopters


Covid-19: How Clean Design can restore trust in air travel

Restoring passenger confidence in air travel is the immediate problem facing airlines during this pandemic. “This is a very human issue, involving more than just the sanitisation of interiors. Airlines must inspire a compassionate behavioural change in passengers to move the needle,” says Teague’s Anthony Harcup in part one of a three-part series


The UK aerospace sector must be poised for recovery

The UK aerospace industry provides more than 120,000 skilled jobs and has an annual turnover of £35 billion, with key environmental projects underway and support given in the fight against Covid-19. For businesses in the sector to stay in existence, ready to re-launch as soon as they can, requires more Government assistance


Airlines need to adapt to survive – and thrive

Convincing people to travel again in a post-Covid-19 world will likely require cleaner, less dense, and more ‘contactless’ cabins. “Airlines that are able to adapt quickly to this new environment will survive and will get out of this crisis in a stronger competitive position,” says the CEO of design agency, Mormedi


The aviation industry, during and after Covid-19

As society changes its mindset during the coronavirus crisis, passenger expectations will also evolve. Airlines, designers, manufacturers and airframers should collaborate to explore and consider how the inflight experience and the aviation industry might need to change and adapt

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