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The impact of Tesla on the aviation market

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has made interesting statements about electric aircraft over the years and is not only developing his own technology, but inspiring others to do the same. Pure electric regional aircraft are more than a dream…


How to make airport lounges less boring

More than half of UK adults find airport lounges boring and have a strong appetite for change. Data and opinions collected can help designers create lounges that passengers will want to spend time in, and that can also bring benefits to their operators

Opinion Paris Airshow 2019 blog

The UK must focus on investment to enjoy global aviation growth

At Paris Airshow 2019, manufacturers from the UK and around the world will be gathering to showcase the latest new technology and discuss the future challenges facing aviation. The UK is a world leader in aerospace technology and can play a major role in making sure forecast future growth in air travel is achieved sustainably


Why barriers to the 5G revolution remain

Most industrial companies plan to implement 5G within two years of availability, with many willing to invest in private licenses. However, the transition might not be smooth for all…


A strategic review of the top five commercial aircraft OEMs

The global commercial aircraft market continues to be on a roll in one of its longest aviation super-cycles, a situation has created a huge order backlog for the aircraft industry, which is likely to translate into significant top-line growth potential for the entire value chain over the next decade

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