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A strategic review of the top five commercial aircraft OEMs

The global commercial aircraft market continues to be on a roll in one of its longest aviation super-cycles, a situation has created a huge order backlog for the aircraft industry, which is likely to translate into significant top-line growth potential for the entire value chain over the next decade


Looking back on Passenger Experience Week 2019

This show review discusses all aspects of April’s Passenger Experience Week in Hamburg – from the first day where Passenger Experience Conference discussed the ideas of a information sharing industry, to the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo and of course the biggest site, Aircraft Interiors Expo


The onboard payments opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean

The path to purchase and payments: what’s driving new opportunities for carriers in Latin America and the Caribbean? Now is the time for Latin American and Caribbean airlines, if they haven’t already, to start integrating ancillaries and payments into a more holistic, seamless mobile experience and path to purchase where they can better engage growing volumes of passengers and encourage them to spend

Opinion diehl's lav concept

The conflicting needs of lavatory design

OEM, airline and passenger needs do not necessarily align in lavatory design – so what can we do to please everyone? Is it even possible? Do we want to fulfil them all? The design team at Diehl Aviation offers their opinion…

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