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Why do North American airlines still accept IFC that’s no longer fit for purpose?

In the midst of a major industry crisis, now is not the time to hunker down. If the North American commercial aviation sector is set to grow and prepare for the next generation of flyers, then it too must invest in the technologies that will help it attract and retain passengers. Inflight connectivity is a catalyst for a profitable recovery and future growth


How technology can support social distancing

The raw materials for keeping up with a dynamic need for social distancing are readily available. The likes of 2D and 3D CAD drawings for your building – whether an airport terminal, studio, office or factory – can be used to render a 3D model of the building, which can be populated with realistic, intelligent agents

Airline News

If we think greener, we fly greener

Airlines have to focus on sustainability as they are coming back from the Covid crisis. The future winners will be those who are already working on sustainability, and they will also benefit their national economies


The EU needs to harmonise restrictions to kickstart travel

Every 2.7% increase in European travel flows would generate or bring back one million jobs in its tourism sector. The European Tourism Manifesto alliance calls on Member States to agree on harmonised travel restrictions, which would quickly recreate 10 million jobs in travel and tourism across Europe

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