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Why the order backlog offers reassurance in a challenging 2020

Aircraft orders and delivery figures for January and February 2020 show 314 aircraft orders, the largest for this period in the last six years, and a 471% increase on the same period last year. These figures push the overall backlog to 14,094 and provide some long-term confidence for the aviation industry


Effective training amidst travel restrictions

Finding calm in the chaos – how to train effectively amidst travel restrictions. In light of the Coronavirus crisis, companies should relyi on methods that deliver consistent results, particularly when it comes to training and achieving behaviour change. Here’s why they should embrace virtual and digital learning


The market outlook for aerospace floor panels

The market outlook for aerospace floor panels is positive, boosted by the trend of urban aerial mobility. Global Market Insights forecasts that the overall aerospace floor panel market will hit US$230 million by 2024


Working from home? Taking time to centre helps you make better decisions

Many people working in the aircraft interiors sector are suddenly finding themselves working from home due to COVID-19. It is important for workers to remain positive, creative, productive and motivated, which means finding time to maintain mental health; indeed 42% of workers think more quickly when they feel more relaxed


Cabin air considerations for COVID-19

Avia Solutions Group contends that when looking to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the health monitoring and cabin filtration used in aviation means that countries should think twice about bans and closures of air travel

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