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Will free inflight wi-fi find its wings?

The inflight wi-fi industry is ripe for a connectivity revolution, shifting focus towards creating a free-to-access and more seamless connectivity service that not only meets growing customer demands, but also provides a way for airlines to better monetize seats and differentiate from the competition


Life after the A380

As Airbus decides to terminate A380 production, what does the future hold for airlines and investors? Lewis Leslie and David Archer from IBA’s team of analysts consider the implications

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A no-deal Brexit must be avoided for aerospace

Index of Production figures for 2018 shows a worrying slowdown for UK manufacturing, says a UK aerospace trade organization. We must act now to avoid a no-deal Brexit and rebuilding confidence in the UK as an attractive location for manufacturing

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The unseen benefits of specialty films

One of the most recent innovations in the aerospace sector is a technology that’s ultimately invisible. The importance of specialty films in the cabin should not be underestimated though

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The threat of drones to air travel

In light of recent drone incidents at both Gatwick and Heathrow airports, Robert Garbett, Chief Executive at Drone Major Group, the world’s leading global drone and counter drone consultancy, has issued the below statement due to the threat posed by those who abuse drone technology.


Developing composite-based components

Thermoplastic composites can offer cabin weight reductions without compromising mechanical properties. A recent project by Bucher Leichtbau and Ensinger shows that making the switch to fiber-reinforced composites can provide additional technical advantages

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