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How HEPA filters have been purifying aircraft cabin air since the 1990s

One safeguard has kept American Airlines’ customers and team members breathing clean air at 30,000ft. HEPA filters have purified the air on American’s entire mainline fleet – and most of its regional jets – since the late 1990s. HEPA technology is also used in hospitals and medical facilities, helping keep medical environments clear of bacteria and viruses while providing clean air


Random aircraft boarding could reduce Covid-19 risk

Preliminary research based on computer simulations suggests that random boarding of aircraft, rather than back-to-front boarding – a procedural response to the Covid-19 pandemic – may have an even greater impact, reducing exposure rates by about 50%

Cabin Design

18 cabin ideas to boost airline passenger confidence during Covid

Passenger confidence is key to the recovery of air travel. Designers and suppliers around the world have come up with ideas that can help flyers feel safer in the cabin and more physically separated from their fellow travellers. From low-cost cardboard isolators, to 3D-printed air blades, a wide range of ideas has been developed very swiftly to help reassure nervous passengers and accelerate the recovery of aviation

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