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Aircraft Seating a honeycomb seat cushion structure

Advanced EVA polymer cushion developed

A new aircraft seating cushion technology has been developed by Starr Aircraft, in partnership with Sp1ke Inc. The technology, named Impression, is a structural foam consisting of advanced EVA polymers

Passenger Health & Safety

Delta’s chief health officer: ‘The next normal will be defined by the choices we make today’

Dr Henry Ting, a world-renowned cardiologist, has joined Delta as chief health officer. Working collaboratively with groups across the airline, Dr Ting will lead Delta in rethinking and reimagining its approach to health and well-being, utilising new technologies, analytics and partnerships. “The next normal will be defined by the choices we make today,” he says

Airframer News

Textron Aviation offers cabin ionisation system as a retrofit

Textron Aviation is now offering the cabin ionisation system from Aviation Clean Air (ACA) as a retrofit option on select Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft. The system emits cold plasma, which starts a reaction that neutralises gases, spores, viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces

Passenger Health & Safety

Airbus researches cabin hygiene

Researchers at Airbus are exploring new disinfection methods to assess if they result in a clean and safe cabin environment. From heating the cabin, to UV-C light, fogging and diffusion of gaseous H₂O₂, here’s how an A320 cabin became a laboratory

Industry News

Airline announcement startup announces its launch

Two graduates from the UK’s University of Salford have launched Nuntiare Media, a business producing pre-recorded announcements and background music for commercial aircraft, including scripting, translation, voice recording, technical processing and delivery

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