Author Nick Lamb, group sports director at Chapman Freeborn


Women’s sports are on the rise: as are their flying habits

Following Emma Raducanu’s victory at the US Open tennis championship at the weekend, the sports world has been praising this amazing athlete, and seeing the ever-growing power of women’s sport. The aviation sector is also seeing further potential in the growth of women’s sport…

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60% of passengers feel safe to fly in 2021

Inmarsat has commissioned the world’s largest airline passenger survey conducted since the pandemic, which finds that 60% of airline passengers feel happy to fly by end of 2021. Airline reputation is increasingly important and a deciding factor for 50% of passengers when choosing an airline. Quarantine is now a bigger worry for passengers than catching SARS-CoV-2 at the airport or on board a plane


The Q2 2021 picture for aerospace orders and deliveries

Figures for global aircraft orders and deliveries in the first half of 2021 showed a mixed picture. However, June delivered a substantial boost to the year to date as customers placed 292 aircraft orders, taking the total for 2021 to 764

Opinion Eric Schulz, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer, talks about the A220, the latest member of the Airbus Family and market potential for this new aircraft

Narrowbody aircraft values: why there is a positive trend

IBA, an aviation data and advisory consultancy, has outlined a divergence in value trends between narrowbody and widebody aircraft, driven by a surge in domestic travel in certain markets, but tempered with continuing low levels of international travel globally


The small steps that can restore passengers’ faith in flying

The aviation industry proved its agility and ability to bounce back from the crisis, and this also applies to the interiors sector – though this time it is not just about high quality and top-notch tech, but also about how cabin work can be done with cost savings in mind

Opinion a crew member on a private jet holding a tray of champagne

Low supply and high demand in the pre-owned jet market

New analysis has found revealed that the number of pre-owned private jets for sale is at a historical low. This low inventory, plus a drop in the number of new private jets being delivered, means that despite a difficult market for commercial aviation and travel in general, the private jet sector has been experiencing high levels of demand

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