Author Professor Loizos Heracleous, Warwick Business School, UK

Opinion emirates a380 10 years

The outlook for closed-end A380 funds

Emirates Airline is retiring its fleet of A380 passenger jets, for which the Dubai-based carrier was Airbus’ biggest customer. Gloomy as the news is for investors in closed-end A380 funds, they can still expect to make a return on their investment…


Record aircraft order surge brings renewed confidence

Aircraft orders achieved a new record for October, taking the overall order backlog above 14,000 aircraft for the first time since May 2019. The overall order book backlog is worth a potential £215bn to the UK in future years as aircraft are manufactured and delivered


Do seats need faster actuation?

Shared autonomous vehicles will see more temporary relationships develop between car seat and rider. There are clear parallels with airline seats, but the question is: should seats be able to adjust to new occupants more quickly?

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