Author Suzannah Robin, alcohol and drug safety expert at AlcoDigital


Developing composite-based components

Thermoplastic composites can offer cabin weight reductions without compromising mechanical properties. A recent project by Bucher Leichtbau and Ensinger shows that making the switch to fiber-reinforced composites can provide additional technical advantages


The future of inflight magazines

The inflight magazine is enjoyed by many travelers and is the number one communication channel for airlines. However, it may be time for its form of delivery to change


Digital transformation is key to survival in aerospace & defense

Eric Bernardini, global leader of the A&D division at AlixPartners, discusses why the A&D industry cannot afford to be complacent in the face of an increasingly dynamic business environment. Being ‘future ready’ is essential to cutting costs and driving growth in an industry undergoing profound change

Opinion aircraft mro hangar

The battle for the US$114bn MRO market

James Elliott from IFS explains that as airlines start to focus on serving their passengers and optimizing the customer experience, they are also looking to outsource one of their biggest cost areas – the maintenance of aircraft. And this is opening up huge opportunities for service providers…


Will runways become ruins?

Millennials are often labelled as ‘entitled snowflakes’, glued to their screens and expecting the good life on a silver platter. However, this generation’s habits may be the key disruptor to improve air travel experiences. Extreme change is on the horizon that will make airports as we know them virtually unrecognizable – if not extinct, say Stephen Symons and Alex Heather from Aurecon

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