Author Lee McDarby, managing director of corporate FX at Moneycorp


The onboard payments opportunity in Latin America and the Caribbean

The path to purchase and payments: what’s driving new opportunities for carriers in Latin America and the Caribbean? Now is the time for Latin American and Caribbean airlines, if they haven’t already, to start integrating ancillaries and payments into a more holistic, seamless mobile experience and path to purchase where they can better engage growing volumes of passengers and encourage them to spend

Opinion diehl's lav concept

The conflicting needs of lavatory design

OEM, airline and passenger needs do not necessarily align in lavatory design – so what can we do to please everyone? Is it even possible? Do we want to fulfil them all? The design team at Diehl Aviation offers their opinion…


Will free inflight wi-fi find its wings?

The inflight wi-fi industry is ripe for a connectivity revolution, shifting focus towards creating a free-to-access and more seamless connectivity service that not only meets growing customer demands, but also provides a way for airlines to better monetize seats and differentiate from the competition


Life after the A380

As Airbus decides to terminate A380 production, what does the future hold for airlines and investors? Lewis Leslie and David Archer from IBA’s team of analysts consider the implications

Opinion uk manufacturing

A no-deal Brexit must be avoided for aerospace

Index of Production figures for 2018 shows a worrying slowdown for UK manufacturing, says a UK aerospace trade organization. We must act now to avoid a no-deal Brexit and rebuilding confidence in the UK as an attractive location for manufacturing

Opinion madico

The unseen benefits of specialty films

One of the most recent innovations in the aerospace sector is a technology that’s ultimately invisible. The importance of specialty films in the cabin should not be underestimated though

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