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Aircraft Seating

Space to reimagine: introducing VantageDUO

Thompson Aero Seating has created a fantastic video to introduce its new VantageDUO business-class seat, a high-density option for long-range, single-aisle aircraft. Watch how passengers can enjoy comfort in the Immersive Relaxed Position without being fully flat


‘Good Leads The Way’ at United

United’s first national brand advertising campaign in the USA for nearly a decade highlights the airline’s customer service, diversity and sustainability, and captures the optimism fuelling United’s future ambitions at a time when United has seen its highest-ever seat-fill for a non-summer month

Aircraft Seating

ADSE’s Economy Sky Dream concept

With the aim of providing comfort for everyone on long-haul flights, ADSE, a consultancy and engineering firm, has created a concept with a new approach to sleeping comfortably in economy class. Introducing ‘Economy Sky-Dream’: the double-deck long-haul economy class sleeping solution


The Air Lair concept

In this video from 2012, Adam White from Factorydesign discusses the features of the two-tier Air Lair seating concept


Boeing’s bionic suits

Airplane mechanics perform long hours of tough work with their arms at chest level or stretched above their heads. The Boeing team is now donning some futuristic safety gear, with bionic exoskeletons that support their shoulders, reducing strains and sprains while increasing quality


Explore the unique A220 cabin

Missed FIDAE 2022, the Latin American international air and space fair? Join Pierre-Antoine Senes, cabin marketing director at Airbus, as he explains why the A220 interior is unique

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