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Embraer resumes essential activities

Following a temporary plant shutdown period in Brazil, Embraer has resumed critical operations in order to meet the transportation needs of customers, public services and the global population in combatting Covid-19

Airframer News

Airbus bolsters liquidity and resumes production

Airbus is implementing measures to bolster its liquidity and balance sheet in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, and is also partially resuming production in France and Spain, as well as helping to support global efforts to combat the crisis. “I am convinced that Airbus and the broader aerospace sector will overcome this critical period,” says CEO

Airframer News

Airbus MAVERIC: the future of single-aisle travel

Explore MAVERIC, Airbus’s vision for the next generation of single-aisle aircraft. The blended wing body design could generate up to 20% fuel savings and improve the passenger experience through its exceptionally spacious Airspace cabin layout

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