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Cabin Design

Explore Embraer’s Bossa Nova interior

Embraer has delivered the first Phenom 300E with the new Bossa Nova interior to  Patient Airlift Services (PALS), an organisation that arranges free transportation for people requiring medical diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up. The cabin offers a little luxury for vulnerable passengers

Cabin Design

Rosen Aviation launches 4K information panels

Two ‘Branding Panel’ 4K screens have been developed by Rosen Aviation, a cabin display specialist, designed to provide static and dynamic information at entryways and galleys on commercial and business aircraft

Cabin Design

LHT’s SkyShine cabin repair system

Airlines looking to reduce costs while under pressure to have their aircraft cabins looking pristine might like Lufthansa Technik’s new SkyShine system, which enables damaged components to be repaired on the spot rather than replaced

Cabin Design

18 cabin ideas to boost airline passenger confidence during Covid

Passenger confidence is key to the recovery of air travel. Designers and suppliers around the world have come up with ideas that can help flyers feel safer in the cabin and more physically separated from their fellow travellers. From low-cost cardboard isolators, to 3D-printed air blades, a wide range of ideas has been developed very swiftly to help reassure nervous passengers and accelerate the recovery of aviation

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