Lufthansa Technik creates ACJ350 concept for well-being


Lufthansa Technik’s design department has unveiled an ACJ350 VVIP interior concept called Welcome Home. The cabin is designed to promote health and well-being on board. It has flexible areas that offer privacy or family interaction and is designed to provide “super connectivity”, with all communication channels.

“Many of our own products, including the Chair VIP seat, steam shower and inductive cooking plate, have been integrated in this cabin,” said Wieland Timm, vice president of sales, VIP and special-mission aircraft, Lufthansa Technik. “For many of our clients, time is a rare commodity and family is immensely important. A demanding lifestyle that requires frequent travelling and constant high attention to business and other topics must be balanced by valued family time and relaxation in a healthy environment. The Welcome Home concept offers the perfect cabin to fulfill these different aspects.”

The first design priority was to move away from box-type rooms and instead create flexible areas that can be opened and combined for better social interaction and closed for full privacy if so desired. The front part of the aircraft, the Family Flex Area, is inspired by hotel suites, and also incorporates an office.

The guest lounge features a cinema-style screen and a new lighting approach. With Lufthansa Technik’s patent-pending Living Lining concept, the ceiling and walls can be turned into lighting elements.

Lufthansa Technik’s Crystal Cabin Award-winning induction cooking platform has been integrated in the galley, enabling fresh cooking on board. The solution includes a power unit, an exhaust fan and a special cover to ensure that pots and pans remain in place even during turbulence.

In the aft of the cabin is a spa area incorporating a humidifying water feature, steam bath, massage shower and a massage table that may also double as a passenger transport unit.

The whole cabin comprises about 270m². Although the design was developed for an ACJ350, the concept could also be adapted for other wide-body aircraft.

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