Augmented Reality to aid cabin installations


July 27, 2016 – The latest development from Lufthansa Technik sees Augmented Reality technology enter the world of aircraft cabin installation. The company’s engineers have devised a new laser-based technology that projects the required cabin installation template directly into the physical work environment, with the template corresponding to the component contours selected in the virtual 3D model.

The templates act as a positioning and alignment aid for the cabin components being installed, which Lufthansa Technik claims results in higher accuracy and a reduced workload when compared with conventional tools. This mobile Augmented Reality tool can be positioned and aligned anywhere in the aircraft fuselage and is initially intended for installation support for equipping VIP aircraft cabins in the framework of its research and innovation projects.

Above: The laser system makes the accurate placement of parts a simple process

“We have achieved another milestone in further advancing the digitization of industrial work processes at Lufthansa Technik with the projection-based installation support using laser-based templates,” stated Dr Severin S. Todt, head of the CAx Competence Center and Tool & Equipment Solutions at Lufthansa Technik. “Following in the footsteps of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality is now a part of our working world.”

In contrast to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality offers users additional information in real time over and above what they actually perceive. This allows real spatial worlds to be augmented by virtual elements and data that interfuse the real and virtual world.

Below: The laser is compact and easy to set up

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