The ultimate private jet? VVIP cabin design revealed for the BBJ 777-9


Proposals for an ultra-luxury flying experience have been revealed by Lufthansa Technik, with cabin designs that take full advantage of the vast space available on the BBJ 777-9. The aircraft is the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) previously referred to as the BBJ 777X, which has a range of 11,000 nautical miles (20,370 km) – sufficient to fly more than half way around the world without stopping.

The BBJ 777-9’s cabin measures a huge 3,689 sq.ft. (342.7 sq.m), which opens up almost unlimited interior design options. With a likely customer base in mind, the Lufthansa Technik cabin design incorporates traditional elements of Middle Eastern cultural heritage with a modern twist. Perhaps the most interesting points to note from the design is that it is the first of its kind to be developed using native aircraft data as provided by Boeing. This ensures the feasibility of the design, as its dimensions and space shown are 100% accurate.

A VVIP section is proposed at the front end, including a unique private bedroom that is expandable and highly functional. The detailed design is due to be revealed later this year. Moving aft, a spacious office and reception area divides this private section from the remaining areas of the aircraft – perfect for transporting a head of family or head of state and their extended family or staff. The aircraft also boasts a large majlis (an Arabic term for ‘sitting room’ that has also been used for Etihad’s A380 onboard lounge) at the boarding area. The rear of the cabin has been designed for transporting larger groups, such as an entourage or delegation.

The entry area in Lufthansa Technik's BBJ-9 VIP cabin concept, with a bar and sofa

The entry area in Lufthansa Technik’s BBJ-9 VIP cabin concept serves as a place to greet guests on board, and for passengers to enjoy a drink at the bar area during flight

There are common design motifs that flow seamlessly throughout the entire cabin, such as the lighting features that give a sense of sunlight diffused as it passes through tree foliage and carpeting the follows the theme. The sidewall and window treatments are rather special too. The company says that more areas of the concept will be presented throughout the year.

A cabin in Lufthansa Technik's BBJ 777-9 concept, with a large table that can be used for conferences or dining

This cabin in Lufthansa Technik’s BBJ 777-9 concept can be used as a conference or dining room

“Our team’s mission was to create a cabin that is both functional and beautiful, while also meeting the unique needs of our VIP clients in the Middle East. We are confident that this cabin design will set a new standard for VIP aviation, and we look forward to bringing it to market,” said Jan Grube, sales director for VIP & special mission aircraft services at Lufthansa Technik.

More luxury ideas

Lufthansa Technik is not the first to develop cabin ideas for the BBJ 777-9. In 2018 Boeing Business Jets invited studios to create designs that would demonstrate the versatility of the airplane’s spacious cabin. Interior concepts were created by Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, and Unique Aircraft Design to show how the BBJ 777-8 or -9 can be transformed to suit the tastes of any VIP customer.

Another recent design is Zen, Greenpoint Technologies’ BBJ 777X V-VIP interior concept. The Zen interior, as its name suggests, is inspired by the natural flow of a Japanese Zen Garden, with design elements including fine rocks and greenery, and sustainable, natural materials, all combined to create a calm and peaceful environment. The Zen interior concept was shortlisted for the Private Jet Design Concept category of the International Yacht & Aviation Awards (IYAA) 2023.

A soaring, elegant space in Greenpoint's BBJx concept, with a seating area surrounded by a zen garden

Greenpoint Technologies (Greenpoint), a premier business jet completion centre, is showing a 1/20th scale V-VIP BBJ 777X interior model at this year’s EBACE

If the BBJ 777-9 isn’t quite large enough for your needs, the A380 is another option. The Edëse Doret studio created a concept to show the potential for the massive cabin spaces spread across two decks (plus the hold for luxury toys). This video shows what it would be like to have the world’s biggest passenger jet as your own flying palace.

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