Virtual kitchen enhances SATS inflight catering operations


SATS, a major food solutions and gateway services provider in Asia, has implemented the world’s first digital twin experience of a central kitchen as a means to enhance its in-flight kitchen operations. SATS worked with Dassault Systèmes as a technology partner to identify new ways to boost efficiency and minimise food waste in its operations.

SATS used Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform on the cloud to create a 3D digital twin experience of a virtual kitchen that pairs virtual and physical operations to provide data-driven analytics for better resource planning. With this system, SATS can capture decades of operational know-how to simulate different food production processes in order to improve capacity planning and production scheduling, prevent bottlenecks, and enhance productivity. SATS is also able to better forecast ingredient usage in its large-batch food production to reduce food wastage.

SATS’ virtual kitchen captures and integrates all process data and information into one 3D virtual environment to ensure consistency, enabling the facility’s operation managers to respond faster and more efficiently to changing situations. The virtual kitchen is also intended as a collaborative workspace that fosters social innovation and increases productivity, where employees across business processes can share knowledge.

Albert Pozo Hernandez, chief digital officer at SATS explained, “The use of digital twin technology helps SATS to simulate different production scenarios and cooking processes to optimise resources within our kitchens.”

According toDassault Systèmes, its solutions have previously demonstrated improvements in on-time delivery performance for flight catering services by up to 99.5%. The SATS project is the first time that the 3DExperience platform has been deployed in in-flight catering production and enables SATS to optimise resources by mapping the virtual model to the physical processes of its in-flight catering operations, and dynamically modelling, simulating, and analysing every lifecycle of production.

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