Digital alternative to paper bag tags launched


April 27, 2015 – DS Tags, a technology company based at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in Holland, has released an innovative electronic bag tag solution as an alternative to traditional thermal paper bag tags.

The DS Bagtag solution is an electronic device mounted on the traveler’s suitcase that uses cloud-based travel documents and a dedicated smartphone app named DS Flightbook to transfer bag tag data to the device.

Once the passenger checks in online, the Cloud-based platform sends the encrypted data to the passenger’s smartphone where it is then transferred via the app to the bag tag. The relevant barcode and flight information is then displayed on a 4in e-paper screen. This information, combined with an internal RFID UHF chip, allows the tag to be used by any airline at any airport. The low power design ensures that the built-in power supply for the DS Bagtag will last for five years with frequent use.

Erik Harkes, CEO and founder of DS Tags, said, “DS Tags was faced with the challenge to re-imagine the traditional thermal paper bag tag and come up with a design that is able to withstand the harsh conditions checked baggage has to endure. We also had to ensure that it is simple to use and still looks desirable.

“The DS Bagtag is the result of many years of research and development and perseverance. With its gorgeous gloss cover lens and rubber exterior finish, the tag feels exquisite and robust so even the most active globetrotter can enjoy the new way of traveling with checked baggage for many years.

“Travelers will appreciate the simplified and much faster airport baggage drop-off process. It saves time and frustration for travelers, whereas airlines will have a simplified and more efficient baggage handling process. It truly changes the way we travel with checked baggage.”

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