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Aircraft Interiors International Magazine June 2020


The September 2020 issue of Aircraft Interiors International is now available online! Packed full of news, interviews and features, including:

COVER STORY: COVID-19: THE GREAT ACCELERATOR FOR INTERIORS INNOVATION? Covid-19 has created huge disruption in aviation. John Walton considers whether an abrupt change in passenger expectations could accelerate the pace of cabin innovation and benefit the interiors sector.

PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS: Psychologists and industry experts examine how the inflight experience could be adapted and adjusted to make it feel safer and more enjoyable during the Covid period. Hygiene is a base expectation, but careful consideration of the cabin design and service offer could help give people greater confidence to return to the skies, finds Marisa Garcia.

EXPERT OPINION: Airframe and interiors expert, Kent Craver, explains why aviation needs to come together to create a strong consistent and unified global response strategy for commercial air travel.

EXPERT OPINION: Moving forward from the Covid-19 crisis, thoughtful consideration and hard work are required to create innovative products and services that alleviate anxiety for all members of society, says Nigel Goode of PriestmanGoode.

DESIGN BRIEF: A cabin concept that isolates passengers while maximising seat count.

DESIGN SOLUTIONS FOR THE NEW ERA OF AIR TRAVEL: The international design community considers how the post-Covid inflight experience could be made more comfortable, appealing and even more glamorous, while meeting a heightened range of safety and hygiene expectations.

CABIN INNOVATION: An impressive array of technologies and developments has been developed that can help make the inflight experience as Covid-safe as possible. Our guide brings together the most interesting and effective ideas.

EXCLUSIVE: MONOCOQUE SEATING. The inside story on Airtek, an innovative monocoque seating platform currently under development. The design principles could have wider-reaching potential in the cabin.

TOUCHLESS IFE: If passengers are hesitant about using touchscreens, the latest interface technology can solve the issue.

MAKE MONEY FROM IFE: IFE is a focal point of the inflight experience, and one that can offer earning opportunities for airlines. We explore the initiatives and technologies that can help airlines generate ancillary revenues while pleasing passengers.

INSIGHT: Why Adient Aerospace is bullish about the future of business class

TECHNOLOGY:  Academics have found that digitising the cabin could simplify and accelerate cabin innovations


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