Tapis Corporation

Tapis Corporation
28 Kaysal Court,
Armonk, NY 10504
+1 (914) 273-2737

Since 1977, Tapis Corporation has been a pioneer in the development of high-performance fabrics for aircraft interiors. Throughout its 40+ years in the industry, Tapis has grown as a woman-owned business with a corporate culture that is defined by superior customer service and a commitment to innovation.

Partnered with high-end suppliers, including Ultrafabrics and Ultrasuede, Tapis provides its customers with the most advanced and luxurious materials in the industry. Tapis products are found in the world’s leading airlines and business jets. The company’s innovative materials maximise passenger comfort, durability, weight savings and sustainability.

More than a  textile supplier, Tapis offers an array of additional services, industry support, market intelligence, and the most innovative product research and development. Due to its 40+ years of industry knowledge; Tapis has become a solution provider for all cabin interior needs.

Due to the demand for services, Tapis’ 38,000-square-foot Dallas complex is dedicated to flame-treatment, quality control, and aviation testing services. The internal testing of materials leads to shorter lead times, trusted quality results and, additionally, this facility enables Tapis to stock an extensive inventory of materials to promote the rapid fulfillment of orders.

Tapis Corporation is committed to developing innovative products for aircraft interiors that set a new standard for sustainability. Tapis partners with suppliers that also value sustainability, which is why some of the materials offered by Tapis include bio-based resins, recycled polyester, or plant-based materials. The company strives to improve its sustainable efforts daily to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of air travel. Through cleaner manufacturing processes, utilisation of recycled and plant-based materials, longer product life, and weight savings in all applications, Tapis plans to be a key player in the green future of the aviation industry.

The Promessa range by Tapis is one of the most durable and comfortable seat cover products on the market