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The ACIS Summits are designed to create a collaborative environment where industry experts can openly debate ideas, discuss future trends, share experiences and work together to deliver the next generation of passenger experience in the cabin

RedCabin, an organiser of aircraft interiors events, has announced details of the 2024 Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit (ACIS). The event will take place in June 2024 and will be hosted by American Airlines at its Robert L Crandall campus, adjacent to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

As the aviation industry evolves, the importance of collaboration and open, honest discussion between all stakeholders grows. The Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summits are founded on that principle, and as a result, have become a hotbed for innovation

The Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit will be held in March at Airbus’s state-of-the-art facility in Hamburg. It’s ”a significant opportunity to help facilitate the next generation of cabin experiences alongside fellow aerospace pioneers,” says Ingo Wuggetzer, VP of cabin marketing at Airbus