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France-based international journalist John Walton specializes in seating, cabin interiors, premium class service, airport facilities and soft product. A keen analyst of how developing tools can be applied to aviation news, John is at the forefront of social media in the aviation sector, broke the hijacking of flight ET702 on Twitter, and continues to work at the bleeding edge of newsmaking. Formerly resident in New York, London, Beijing, Bristol and Wellington, John contributes to aviation titles around the world, and was previously director of data at Routehappy He holds an MA (Honours first class) in international relations from the University of St Andrews. John welcomes emails from readers and industry insiders to, and discussion on Twitter: he’s @thatjohn


The ‘middle of market’ airplane

While the demise of the B757 left a clear gap in the aircraft market, its bellwether ‘middle of market’ replacement is proving tricky to pin down. John Walton sees what the future could hold for the MOM jet…

Features man streaking through plane cabin

How airlines should tackle bad passenger behaviour

As reports of bad passenger behaviour such as alcohol abuse, violence and bigotry become more frequent thanks to social media and celebrity mishaps, let’s take a look at the law on board and how cabin crew should handle bad situations