ATR HighLine: One collection with five cabin configurations


HighLine is a collection that offers five main cabin configurations for the ATR range of turboprop regional airliners, designed to meet the varying operational needs of commercial and business operators.

The aircraft interiors options have been developed by ATR’s in-house team and luxury cabin design experts. ATR says that a key selling point is the cabin volumes of its aircraft, with space equal to the largest business jets and larger than alternatives in the business turboprop market, complete with room to stand in the aisle and a completely flat floor. The ATR HighLine collection offers a range of seating options for dual- and triple-class cabin configurations.

The HighLine collection is enabled by the ATR cabin interior dimensions

Multi Class

The regional jet fleet is continuing to age in the USA, so the ATR 50-seat interior is ‘scope-clause’ driven as a replacement, with low carbon emissions and operating costs on low-density, shorter routes.

A proposed triple-class 50-passenger LOPA for the ATR 72-600. This Multi Class option is also available on the ATR 42-600 and ATR 42-600S

The Multi Class cabin features a spacious layout that includes a dedicated first-class regional cabin. The dual passenger boarding doors reduce turnaround time, while the boarding bridge connection Increases passenger convenience. Once boarded, passengers can enjoy meals from a special front galley that differentiates catering service for first-class guests; first-class regional seating that provides an optimal three-abreast layout and larger aisle; spacious overhead luggage compartments; power outlets and internet connectivity.

A rendering of the ATR Multi Class cabin in the HighLine collection

Premium Flex

Flexibility was a key factor in the design of the ATR HighLine collection, and Premium Flex enables quick changes from 30 to 60 seats. For the Premium Flex option, the unique ‘X-Space Table’ lets operators convert a standard double-seat into a single premium seating configuration overnight – a configuration that offers extra space, privacy, stowage and comfort to guests.

LOPA options for the ATR HighLine Premium Flex package

This seating option enables boutique airlines to provide premium and distinctive bespoke services that set them apart from competitors, while enabling charter operators to make last-minute cabin changes in response to demand.

Comforts include a wide aisle for a feeling of spaciousness, 20in-wide premium seating, spacious overhead baggage compartments, ambient LED mood-lighting, and  in-seat power outlets.

The ATR HighLine Premium Flex option brings in useful side furniture for a premium feel

ATR’s Premium Flex increases the lateral space between passengers

The location of the tables in Premium Flex also makes meal service a little easier for crew

All Business Class

A proposed all-business class LOPA for the ATR 72-600. The configuration can also be used on the ATR 42-600 and ATR 42-600S

The cabins of ATR aircraft are a good size for hosting up to 30 passengers in an all-business class configuration with a 1+1 seating configuration with individual outboard side stowage.

Simple luxury in the ATR Highline All-Business-Class option

ATR says this premium offering matches the expectations of Part 135 and semi-private operators looking to deliver regional travel experiences that surpass commercial first-class, are more accessible than private air travel and are eco-responsible.

A generous seat recline in ATR’s Highline All-Business-Class cabin

There is a feeling of spaciousness in the cabin as no overhead stowage bins are fitted, which increases cabin volume. Each seat has direct access to a window and the wide aisle, plus increased individual side stowage and extra space under the seat for carry-on bags.

There is space under the seat for a carry-on bag

Multi Section

Should an operator need to maximise luxury in the cabin with less focus on seat count – for transporting Heads of State for example – the Multi Section option can serve these needs. The lounge-like, well-proportioned front cabin section guarantees the ability to work and rest comfortably.

Two comfortable seats in a VIP cabin in the Multi Section configuration

Staff (whether aides, bodyguards or both) and guests have also been considered, with their own dedicated area thanks to the two separate cabins, dual boarding doors, dual galleys and dual lavatories. With its large seating capacity, the rear cabin section offers flexibility for additional capabilities such as troop transport, medical evacuation and disaster relief.

A stylish and secure layout for Heads of State

The front boarding door enables private boarding for officials, while the front galley and lavatory makes the VIP section self contained.

The VIP guests have their own self-contained space when required

Other comfort features include a wardrobe with ample space for multiple outfits, VIP seating with electric controls, side ledges with folding tables, and panoramic four-window views.

A VIP’s coterie is accommodated in the rear cabin of the ATR HighLine Multi Section LOPA

Bespoke VIP

Through ATR’s partnerships with luxury design specialists, its aircraft can be fully customised to suit any style. For example, a VIP LOPA with club seating, conference tables, a credenza, divan, swivel seating, and a galley with equipment for inflight gourmet meal services.

An example of an ATR HighLine Bespoke VIP LOPA

ATR’s Highline Bespoke-VIP cabins can enable work or relaxation

Large deployable tables in the ATR Highline Bespoke-VIP cabin

Tech specs: the ATR aircraft models by numbers

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