EASA approves floorpath marking system for Airbus


October 26, 2016 – EASA has approved STG Aerospace’s latest photoluminescent floorpath marking system, saf-Tglo blu, for the Airbus A300, A310, A320, A330 and A340. This is the first time that an emergency egress system using blue photoluminescence has been approved for use in any aircraft application.

Engineered from the technology of the original saf-Tglo photoluminescent range, saf-Tglo blu emits a blue glow, a noticeable change from the traditional green glow that has always been associated with the product, and enables airlines to subtly transform cabin aesthetics via simple illumination without compromising passenger safety.

In daylight, the body color is whiter than the glow produced by traditional photoluminescent systems meaning that when it is used with any translucent film or overlay, the result is a truer, brighter, cleaner color. In darkness, the glow has a calmer, softer, more reassuring quality whilst still performing the critical safety function the system provides.

According to STG, the origins of the design are based in science, specifically the results of a human perception analysis which show that the blue wavelengths of emitted light enable enhanced passenger perception of the emergency track with a dark adapted human eye.  

The EASA approval process was executed using STG Aerospace’s own in-house Design Organisation Approval (DOA) procedures and, using its extensive in-service performance data, has been able to reduce the maintenance burden for airlines by minimizing the requirement for inspections.

In other STG news, South African regional feeder airline, Airline, has awarded the company a purchase order to retrofit 12 of its aircraft with the drop-in liTeMood LED lighting system. Airlink is the 12th airline to install the liTeMood system.

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