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July 5, 2016 – For many young flyers, the tailored inflight entertainment extends to children’s programming on the IFE system and a few distracting offers in the inflight shopping catalog, if their parents are feeling generous (or desperate). Young flyers with Air Malta have something a little more special to enjoy though, as the airline has launched Sky Kids, a new type of in- flight entertainment designed specifically for young children.

The Maltese national airline launched this new service on June 29 onboard flight KM478/9 to/from Paris, a flight on which a group of around 60 children were booked (this flight was chosen as it coincided with a group of 50 Maltese children aged 8 to 15 flying with their families to perform in a concert at Disneyland Paris).

Below: To get things going, two professional child-minders were recruited as Sky Kids crew members, who welcomed the young travelers at the departure gate with gifts provided by program partners Nestlé Confectionery and Malta International Airport

The airline’s young female guests had also the opportunity to have their hair braided prior to the early morning flight, while the boys joined in games run by the Sky Kids’ crew. The free service continued on-board with various fun activities, including an art competition to design a Sky Kids logo. According to Air Malta, the art competition was enthusiastically welcomed by all children, who put their artistic talent to good use to design a colorful logo. Air Malta will be choosing one of these logos to promote the Sky Kids scheme for future flights.

Other skill games and one-to- one activities aimed at keeping Air Malta’s young flyers busy during the three-hour flight to/from Paris were coordinated by the specially trained Sky Kids crew, with the enthusiastic support of the airline’s cabin crew. Prior to landing all children onboard also received a gift pack from Nestlé Confectionery consisting of Mini Smarties, a Nesquik Wafer, Mini Milky Buttons and a Mini Kit Kat Chunky. They were also given a Milky Bar Frog Mug.

Commenting on the scheme, Joe Galea, Air Malta’s deputy chief commercial officer said, “Air Malta loves its young guests and we wanted to organize a unique experience for them. Air Malta is a family-friendly airline and, especially during this time of year, when children start their summer holidays, we thought to start organizing such experiences as part of our ‘We Care More’ initiatives. We intend to organize similar flights when we see that there are a good number of children booked. The national airline takes pride in creating activities that exceed our guests’ expectations. We look forward to offering more of these unique and complimentary onboard services for young guests on upcoming Air Malta flights.”

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