Iberia offers transatlantic inflight connectivity


Spanish carrier, Iberia, is now offering OnAir’s inflight connectivity service on transatlantic routes, giving passengers access to inflight wi-fi and GSM. Iberia says it is the leading airline on routes to and from Europe and Latin America, with the most flights and destinations between the two continents. By 2015, both Mobile OnAir and Internet OnAir will be installed on 25 Iberia A330s and A340s. Passengers on these long-haul aircraft can use their phones and tablets to chat, tweet and send text messages.

OnAir provides global coverage through its network of authorisations from over 100 countries and more than 375 roaming agreements, combined with Inmarsat SwiftBroadband’s worldwide satellite coverage.

“We’re very pleased that another European airline is now providing our inflight connectivity,” said Ian Dawkins, CEO of OnAir. “Other regions, particularly the Middle East and Asia, are moving ahead fast with satellite-based connectivity and European carriers are at risk of having to play catch-up. I’m sure this will be the wake-up call they need to start proving what passengers want: the ability to stay in touch during flights.”

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