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April 14, 2016 – A full-length documentary film from Nik Loukas – creator of – is set to pull back the curtain on how airlines source, prepare and deliver meals to passengers at 35,000ft.

To make this documentary – named The Inflight Food Trip – a reality, Loukas is turning to the crowdsourcing community, with a Kickstarter campaign with a funding goal of US$74,000 (Euro65,000) concluding on May 4. If the funding goal is met, filming is set to begin by August 2016 and conclude by October.

“Our purpose is to tell stories,” explained Loukas, “and each airline we feature has a unique story behind how they produce their passengers’ meals. Whether one thinks a particular meal is good or bad, what can’t be denied is the level of planning and precision that goes into creating these menus. We want to show people what they’ve probably always taken for granted. The ‘stars’ of our film will be not just the airlines, but also cabin crews, inflight caterers and the general public.” Some airlines have dedicated facilities for food preparation and taste-testing, while others have inflight kitchens. Many have professional chefs and strive to source ingredients locally.

Loukas also plans to dive into the history of airline food, which dates all the way back to 1919. “When Nik came to me with the initial idea for The Inflight Food Trip, I saw this project had great potential,” stated producer/director, James Mellor of Rainbow Trout Films. “I love the challenge of making what seems like the impossible, possible. The sheer scope of covering such a wide variety of airlines across the globe, with all the heritage and traditions of the different countries around the world, is quite exciting. My aim is to both inform and entertain our audience, whom I hope will come away with a fresh perspective on the world of inflight food.”

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