GuestLogix acquires OpenJaw for end-to-end retail


GuestLogix, a provider of merchandising, payment and business intelligence technology, has acquired OpenJaw Technologies, an off-board travel retail company, to bring to market an end-to-end ancillary revenue and retailing platform. The motive behind the acquisition is that, rather than having numerous and disparate retail systems for one passenger travel journey, this single system can effectively monetize individual travel touch points, with each system communicating with the others.

OpenJaw’s technology supports product management and provisioning, data-driven merchandising and personalization throughout the travel journey. According to GuestLogix, additional benefits of the merger include a new, expanded reach across all travel touch points – at home, on the transfer, at the airport, onboard and throughout the destination – including the hotel. There is also the possibilitty for an expanded reach to all major travel verticals (like airline, rail and bus operators) to give the company an immediate presence in loyalty, hotels, car rentals and online travel agencies. There will also be a new depth of functional capabilities that each company did not have on its own, and an ability for the travel sector to store all ancillary sales, payment and other performance data into a single database, and to leverage that database with advanced business intelligence.

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