FACC secures €500m Airspace cabin deal with Airbus


Airbus has concluded a €500m contract with FACC for the delivery of overhead stowage compartments and ceiling panels for A320 Airspace interiors, with series production to start in 2018. Under the terms of the contract, FACC will develop, in cooperation with Airbus, the ‘Airspace XL Bins’, claimed to be the largest overhead stowage compartments in the short and medium-haul aircraft category. The space in the bins will be increased from today’s five-bag capacity, to eight bags, each of which may be up to 61 x 40.6 x 25.4cm in size.

FACC is currently working on the detail development of the individual components. According to the contract, the first deliveries for the Airspace cabin will be supplied to Airbus in late 2018, and from early 2019 onwards, Airbus will offer the new A320 ‘Airspace XL Bins’ to airlines as an alternative interior to the current versions, which are also manufactured by FACC. Airlines may also order the Airspace cabin as a retrofit upgrade.

Below: From late 2018 onwards, the first Airspace overhead stowage compartments will leave FACC’s assembly line in Austria

“The success of the A320 family substantially benefits FACC”, said Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG, referring to the more than 7,300 A320s currently operated by airlines and more than 5,000 on order.

“The high sales figures give reason to expect a high demand for new as well as upgraded cabins, and thus additional contract volumes for FACC. The utilization of the FACC Interiors division is thus ensured far beyond 2019, and FACC will more than fulfil its role as a job motor in Austria.”

Below: In addition, FACC will deliver the ceiling panels, which, apart from their common function as paneling, will also provide for uniform illumination in the cabin

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