New bulkhead “25% lighter”


At the Farnborough International Airshow 2014, STAG Group’s Aircraft Interiors Division will be presenting a new cabin dividing bulkhead. Compared with traditional manufacturing methods for aerospace applications, the company claims that this vacuum-formed product is 25% lighter, as well as being washable and fully flammability compliant.

Commenting on the bulkhead, Rick Crosby, unit director of STAG Group said, “The cabin divider is not only more aesthetically pleasing, it opens up opportunities for increased flexibility for branding and personalisation of airline interiors. A key part of its appeal is the significant weight saving, typically 25% lighter, compared with traditionally manufactured partitions. In addition, as just one polymeric material is used in its construction, it is corrosion resistant, with no adhesives or metal components required.

“Advances in vacuum forming materials and tooling technologies have largely been ignored within the aircraft interiors industry. To date there has been a lack of vision and these opportunities have only been exploited in creating parts which have traditionally been vacuum formed, such as seat plastics and document pockets. We are therefore developing these new technologies for a range of interior components. One of our first products is this revolutionary new cabin divider / windbreak, which have traditionally been flat, uninteresting and utilitarian.”

Three dimensional, multi-coloured partitions can be created, and document pockets or drinks holders integrated into the bulkhead design. Bespoke bulkheads can also be produced with tailored advertising or decorative finishes, giving airlines the opportunity to individualise interiors by using the company’s RACEPrint process. By using this technology each unit can be printed to customer specifications, including tailored advertising and decorative finishes, which are durable and tamper-proof.

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