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September 10, 2015 – Now is the time to prepare for your Crystal Cabin Awards 2016 application. The application period runs from October 10 to November 4, 2015, and a new website will be up and running in time for applications. We will keep you informed when the site is live, but in the meantime, here are the revised categories for 2016, designed to make it easier to participate in the competition.

The eight Award categories:

Cabin concepts

This category is for complete aircraft cabins that already exist. Cabin designs can be submitted by airlines as well as by aircraft manufacturers and design companies. Applicants should explain why their product is innovative, as with every category.

Cabin systems

The category comprises all new products that bring a major benefit for airlines e.g. seats, galleys, lavatories, trolleys, air conditioning, electrical systems, electronic cabin management systems, waste & potable water systems, acoustics and many more. The efficiency of mechanical solutions will be evaluated; for example, ergonomic advantages and ease of implementation.

Electronic systems

This category comprises the fastest-growing product range in the aviation industry and has become extremely important for the passenger experience. It includes systems such as IFE, connectivity etc.

Greener cabin, health, safety and environment

This category combines different classes of innovations. An entry for this category must either reduce negative effects on the environment, or it must minimize health or safety hazards and security problems for passengers, staff or live cargo. European and international legislation compliance will be taken into consideration during the evaluation of the entry. The innovation should not restrict an individual’s comfort unnecessarily to gain green credentials.

Material & components

Developing new materials, new material applications or a new combination of materials for cabin systems can cut production costs and maximize usability. This category embraces an enormous variety of aircraft components. Entries can be an innovative single technical component, or a material, but not a fully developed product such as a seat.

Passenger comfort hardware

This category has been created to reward progress in passenger comfort. Entries must improve passenger comfort within the cabin for all passengers, or for specific groups of passengers. An innovation that is of general use to a large group of individuals may well achieve higher marks due to its increased effectiveness for an airline ́s success. This category includes hardware such as economy seats, lavatories, bins, partitions, lighting systems, linings, premium, business and first class products, VIP products, etc.


This category provides a forum for college and university students to present their visions for innovative products and concepts. These concepts should reflect the idea of making flying more comfortable or ecological. By submitting an application in this category students can benefit from gaining important contacts within the industry to help their professional future.

Visionary concepts

Visionary concepts can give us an impression of aircraft cabins of tomorrow. How can we provide air transport in the future that meets the increasing green demands of technologies and practices (especially carbon-based fuel) without a loss of passenger comfort? How can passenger comfort and aircraft efficiency be improved? This category relates to future concepts.

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