A new technology to enhance IFEC ROI analysis

Display Interactive has launched UGOsmart, a technology designed to better enable airline IFEC and ancillary teams to collect, centralise and analyse data generated during flights. The system is updated in real time, enabling airlines to address data analytics and visualisation issues such as an overwhelming amount of information, inflexible analytics, and blurry visibility on IFEC ROI.
According to Display Interactive, the technology enables airlines to better control onboard ancillary revenues and connectivity usage in real time, and compare it to previous periods and trends; get instant insights of passengers’ behaviours and IFE preferences; and improve their operational efficiency by closely monitoring the performance of their systems and implementing fast changes.
“UGOsmart is not just a data analytics tool, but a seamless data visualisation solution that presents animated data and tells business stories. We believe that this is the best way to transform data into insights, and most importantly, into tactical and strategic decisions. The power of UGOsmart resides also in its transversality, as it gathers diverse data for all airline members involved into a IFEC programme,” stated Tarek El Mitwalli, CEO of Display Interactive.
Display Interactive previously launched its UGO wireless IFE system,which is now flying with several airlines. The new DataViz solution is intended as the final piece for the IFEC provider to cover the full cycle of an IFEC programme, from design and implementation of the UGO entertainment and digital services platform, to its day-to day operations, and now the analysis and evaluation of results with the UGOsmart system.
“Designing UGO and complementing it with UGOlife and UGOsmart was crucial for us, because airlines operate IFEC on a daily basis, and most legacy systems don’t provide any support to focus on the road ahead. Our philosophy has always been to empower airlines’ teams and to keep the hassle of operational issues out of their minds. While UGOsmart allows our customers to make the right decisions, we can guarantee with UGOlife that these will result in immediate changes on the in-flight servers and therefore, in the passenger experience,” added El Mitwalli.
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