Air Astana launches fun activity kits for kids


Air Astana has created a new collection of activity kits designed to appeal to children dreaming of entering various professions, including scientist, actor, magician and skateboarder. There are six kits in the series, designed with Kaelis, which come in bags based on different professions. The airline is initially launching four kits: ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Magnificent Magician’ for kids aged between 3-6; and ‘Superb Scientist’ and ‘Smart Skater’, for kids aged between 7-11.

The Best Actor kit is styled as a director’s clapboard, containing colouring pencils, a set of masks to colour in, a passport holder with a Hollywood Walk of Fame motif, a chalkboard clapper, a ‘paint my mood’ game and a 3D puzzle.

Air Astana’s Best Actor kit

The Magnificent Magician kit (pictured above) is rather fun, with a red pouch that can be worn around the waist (sometimes known as a ‘fanny pack’ or ‘bum bag’), stuffed with magic items including a cape filled with stars, a stuffed rabbit and a magic wand. This kit also contains a two-pointed pen, a magic board, a game, colouring pencils, white magician gloves, and an invisible ink pen – messages can magically reappear with UV light.

The Superb Scientist kit should appeal to budding laboratory experts, with a hazard warning theme on the pouch, colouring pencils, a science activity book, safety goggles, a green bottle, a lab pass, and a science kit with coloured test tubes.

Air Astana’s Superb Scientist kit

No skateboarding down the aisle! The Smart Skater kit comes in a single-strap backpack filled with skateboard-themed items including colouring pencils, an activity book, grey fingerless gloves, a water bottle, a turquoise multi-purpose scarf, a postcard to colour in, skating-themed transfer tattoos, a miniature skateboard and a keychain.

Air Astana’s Smart Skater kit

The themes of the final two kits in the series will be announced soon.

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