British Airways IFE can help pax find their inner peace


July 7, 2016 – Many stressed flyers turn to the IFE system for a little distraction, but British Airways has a new feature in its IFE offer that can help customers find their inner peace. The new Headspace video channel, a new in-flight entertainment channel available on the airline’s long-haul routes, is packed with content designed to help travelers unwind in the air, by practicing simple meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Guided by Headspace co-founder, and former monk, Andy Puddicombe, each exercise focuses on a different topic, such as enabling stressed parents and anxious travelers to feel happier and more relaxed, overcoming jet lag or just helping them to get the most from every minute of their journey. An explanation and further information is available HERE.

Troy Warfield, British Airways’ director of customer experience, said: “Our new partnership with Headspace means their specially curated content offers customers a range of guided meditations to unwind, de-stress and feel happier and more relaxed, all from the comfort of their aircraft seat, at 35,000ft.”

The channel features nine specially designed guided meditation programs, each no more than 10 minutes long, with guides including:

• An Introduction to Meditation – to improve anxiety, sleep, productivity and relationships

• Take10: A Guided Meditation – learn the basics of meditation and mindfulness

• For the Business Traveler – balance focus and relaxation to arrive refreshed and prepared

• Holiday – to leave worries and distractions behind

• Jet Lag – resets the mind and body clock to overcome jet lag and feel renewed and rebalanced

• For Anxious Travelers – soothe a racing mind to enjoy the journey

• For Parents – quiet the mind to continue the journey with renewed ease

• For Kids: A Calming Exercise – creating a moment of stillness and calm

• For Kids: A Happiness Exercise – encourages a sense of happiness

To continue the meditation course on the ground, the Headspace app can be downloaded direct to a smartphone or tablet through the App Store or via Google Play.

The new channel adds to the existing well-being content on the airline’s IFE system, which includes videos offering general well-being advice, advice to help nervous flyers, soothing sounds of sunrise birdsong and relaxing music.

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