Flymingo now auto-pauses for passenger announcements


Interactive Mobility has added a new feature to its Flymingo Box portable W-IFE system, which automatically pauses IFE streaming during passenger announcements without crew or pilot intervention. The feature uses a proprietary technology which works by picking up signals from the passenger announcement system, and is available on any Flymingo box connected to an aircraft electrical network.

“This is a long awaited product feature. Airlines came to us because they wanted a fully automatized way to comply with passenger announcement regulations. Flymingo Box now enables our customers to address safety standards while offering streaming for up to 100 passengers,” said Tanguy Morel, CEO at Interactive Mobility.

The PA pausing feature follows on from a previous update to the system in 2018, when Interactive Mobility set up a partnership with a DOA partner to develop a new version of Flymingo Box as an aircraft-powered portable wireless solution, offering the option to connect to the aircraft power system. This connected option involves bracing the streaming unit in a certified cradle, with the company’s engineering partner responsible for any required minor-mod certification and fitting of the combined cradle and power supply to Flymingo Box.

Interactive Mobility has selected to provide this new featured IFE equipment to four European airlines, with Flymingo Boxes due be installed on 30 A320 and A321 aircraft by mid 2019.

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