Gogo launches upgraded IFE service


Gogo has launched ‘Gogo Vision 360’, an IFE service for business aviation that offers unlimited streaming of on-demand movies, TV programming and news, along with digital magazines and an upgraded 3D moving map from FlightPath3D, all at a fixed monthly price. All the content is updated automatically each month through an over-the-air delivery via Gogo Cloudport, either in a customer’s own hangar or at Gogo Cloud locations throughout the USA and Europe.

The service is available with the newly released AVANCE 4.2 software update, and can be activated via a call to Gogo customer care as a new service, or as a free upgrade for existing Gogo Vision customers with a Gogo AVANCE L5, L3 or SCS system installed on their aircraft. Activation will occur automatically over the air, with no downtime required.

“Passengers want to be productive during their flights, but they also need downtime,” said Sergio Aguirre, Gogo’s president. “The addition of a new 3D moving map will provide a new interactive experience for passengers that we’re excited to offer.”

Gogo’s 3D moving map, delivered through a partnership with FlightPath3D, features interactive flight and travel information and can be displayed in a variety of views. Highlights include: a game-like 3D interactive experience with high resolution satellite imagery; immersive virtual reality window seat views, cockpit head-up-display and aircraft 360°; historical information about landmarks, attractions, and places as they’re flown over; points of interest (POIs) that auto-play en route with distance and direction indicator; and real-time flight data such as ground speed, altitude and heading.

Gogo Vision 360 users will also have access to additional content including unlimited viewing of more than 150 of the latest Hollywood movie releases and popular TV shows, including Disney movies and TV programming; eMagazines and news clips; and, coming soon, destination weather.

There are 30 digital magazine titles available on Gogo Vision 360, with titles including Golf Digest, Forbes, Wine Spectator, Newsweek, Wired, People, and Town & Country. Customers onboard will get the most current issue as well as the previous issue for each publication.

“In the ongoing COVID-19 environment in which we’re living, digital publications have proven to be very popular with passengers because they no longer have to worry about who else might have been holding a magazine like they do when it is printed on paper,” Aguirre said.

A range of current affairs topics from Bloomberg News have also been added, including global business, investing, technology, automotive, energy and top business and finance stories from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA.

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