Listen up: spacial sound option added to RAVE IFE


A new partnership between Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI) and Audio Futures will bring in a new high-quality and immersive audio option for the RAVE IFE system. Audio Futures’ WalkMix service enables 360 Reality Audio, an immersive music experience that uses Sony’s 360 Spacial Sound technologies.

Safran intends for 360 Reality Audio to add immersive realism to its RAVE system, for music and other audio content delivered via headphones during flight. The option is compatible with all connected headphones, and will utilise RAVE’s exclusive Bluetooth technology.

Many passengers will want to rock out to high-quality sound, and the system can oblige. The system can also support therapeutic audio content, which can have a positive effect on alleviating travel anxiety and stress. WalkMix will include audio therapies from leading health and wellness content creators.

As well as the passenger satisfaction benefits, airlines will be interested in WalkMix’s options for branded content, third-party sponsorship, and exclusive digital music collectibles – all much-needed revenue opportunities.

All content will be sourced exclusively via, and content providers can create new offerings in 360 Reality Audio and contribute other creations such as digital merchandise, with delivery via the RAVE IFE systems.

“RAVE spatial audio is the next frontier for inflight multimedia and can take a passenger from their seat and virtually transport them into the middle of a concert hall. We believe this immersive experience powered by WalkMix and Sony 360 Reality Audio will be a compelling point of differentiation for RAVE customers by offering premium content and an elevated passenger experience”, said Ben Asmar, Safran Passenger Innovation’s vice president of products and strategy.

Phil Quartararo, president of Audio Futures, Inc, added, “Creating and listening to music mixed in 360 Reality Audio is the next great experience for all music fans. As significant as when the world moved from analogue to digital recording, or when television first started to broadcast in colour, it is simple to use, accessible on all listening devices, and notably a different and better way to listen.”

System testing is expected to be completed in 2023. The first product made in collaboration between Safran Passenger Innovations and will be marketed as ‘WalkMix’ on RAVE.

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