Wireless chargers launched by True Blue Power


True Blue Power has added FAA-certified wireless chargers to its range of electrical power systems. The Qi-compliant TWC15 Series wireless chargers provide up to 15W of power for personal electronics and are available in three configurations designed to be easy to install in the cabin or cockpit..

“Wireless charging has become more and more prevalent in everyday life,” said Van Winter, director of aftermarket sales and support. “Our customers want to bring convenience power to the aircraft but have found wireless chargers were a hassle to install. With three unique sizes, our chargers are an easy fix. They deliver power through thicker material, giving you a variety of installation options.”

The wireless chargers have pre-drilled and tapped screw holes to ease installation. They have a charging gap/depth of up to 9mm (0.35in), for charges through thick material.

The thinnest charging module (P/N 6430015-1) is 0.21in (5.33mm) in depth. The largest charging area (P/N 6430015-3) is 2.9in² (18.71cm²). The most compact design (P/N 6430015-2) is 2.45in (6.22cm) long and 2.28in (5.79cm) wide.

The wireless chargers feature an anodised aluminium case. They are designed to meet the latest standards for radio frequency emissions and protect against short circuit, power surge, overload and over-temperature. The chargers feature foreign object detection and will not operate when an electronic device is not present.

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