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Usually known for aircraft crew seating and executive jet passenger seating sectors, Ipeco is expanding its activity in the aircraft galley insert market with the introduction of Saros, a new range of inserts for both new and retrofit installations.

The Saros Beverage Maker is the first galley insert to be launched as part of the range. A key feature is that the unit can brew 1.5 litres of beverage to 88⁰C in less than four minutes, and even better, the flow-through heating system facilitates non-stop brewing, generating instant access to hot coffee or hot water.

The flow-through heater system can perform back-to-back brewing without any pre-heat/re-fill/re-heating time, aiding crew efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Between long periods of non-use, the Saros Beverage Maker will also autonomously maintain the temperature within the heater to ensure that there is always instant access to hot water at the faucet and to ensure the next brew cycle is ready to go immediately.

Ipeco also paid attention to the user experience, so crew need only interact with a simple and intuitive menu architecture and control panel. Luis Ruiz, senior project engineer at Ipeco explained, “The light bar display features patented technology unique to the Saros range.  This presents a live output of the equipment’s status, providing cabin crew with important information.”

The beverage maker is also designed to reduce the effects of limescale build-up on critical control and safety components by limiting their contact with hot water. The flow-through heater design also reduces the amount of water stored within the system, thereby reducing the amount of potential limescale deposited into the hydraulics, improving reliability and maintainability.

“The Ipeco Saros Beverage Maker has undertaken the most extensive test programme we have ever conducted, to guarantee its performance and planned in-service life. We are delivering an attractive unit with innovative features for operators around the world,” added Andrew Braley, Ipeco’s VP of business development.

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