Automotive seat cover technology applied to aviation


Serbia-based Autostop Aviation, which has one of the largest seat cover manufacturing facilities in Europe, has launched SkyLeather, a synthetic leather for airlines with a design and construction inspired by its experience in the automotive industry. SkyLeather is available in any colour and grain, and the company says it is a cost effective, lightweight and durable product that is soft to the touch, and easy to clean due to lacquering technology. Being water-based, the PU synthetic leather is vegan and eco-friendly.

The company has invested €4 million in a second facility, set up for the development and production of SkyLeather aircraft seat covers. The Bojnik facility includes material production, seat cover manufacturing, a large stock of various colours and grains, and a laboratory where any customer requirements can be matched. With all operations under one roof, supply chain efficiencies are improved as there are no shipping costs.

Autostop’s facility has a quality tolerance of 1mm when manufacturing seat covers

The efficiency is part of Autostop’s lean manufacturing and embedded Six Sigma principles – practices adopted from its automotive industry work – which help ensure airlines benefit from improved efficiency, quality and direct pricing. The lean processes reduce waste, creating savings that can be reflected in the product pricing.

Autostop Aviation’s CEO, Jonathan Robinson, said: “The high elasticity of SkyLeather gives passengers enhanced comfort. It’s also a 100% vegan product with the look and feel of real leather: an important aspect in a rightly increasingly moral and green society. SkyLeather is considerably lighter than cowhide leather so an airline’s CO2 footprint is reduced by using less fuel.”

Various stitching effects can be applied to SkyLeather

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