ELeather launches ‘Essence’ sustainable material


As airlines and airports seek ways to reassure passengers of a hygienic and clean travel experience, ELeather Group has launched Essence, a material that is claimed to offer built-in hygiene protection through the use of ‘PURE Guard’ technology’, a proprietary antimicrobial solution. Essence is made using more recycled leather than its predecessor and features a natural finish for a soft feel.

“Enhanced hygiene was considered in the development of Essence from the start. We have ensured that the product surface can be sanitised with a wide range of commonly used cleaning materials without damage or degradation to the surface,” stated Richard Peace, NPD manager at Eleather. “To bring added peace of mind, we have incorporated PURE Guard antimicrobial technology to effectively reduce the growth of microbes on the surface, and have verified this with testing to internationally recognised standards. This technology is incorporated into the product to ensure that it does not wear off or leach out, and that the anti-microbial performance is retained throughout the lifetime of the material.”

ELeather materials have also been tested to ensure compatibility with the most commonly used sanitisers, and are UVC certified by Dimer UVC Innovations in partnership with Honeywell.

The team has also worked to ensure that Essence keeps looking new for longer through the use of a controlled stretch that eliminates the bagging and sagging often found on seats after prolonged periods of use.

With Essence, ELeather has increased its use of recycled leather content. “As always, one of the main components is recycled leather, which not only helps transport operators boost their sustainability credentials, but also allows us to keep saving tons of leather waste from ending up in landfill sites” said Louise Gear, ELeather’s director of transport.

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